Giant stuffed bugbear

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giant stuffed bugbear
giant stuffed bugbear

Awww... this is about the cutest thing you've ever seen. If you gave this to your sweetheart, and someone else gave him/her a tiny stuffed bugbear, that someone else would probably end up trying to suffocate himself with fumes from his bitchin' meatcar.

There are plenty of things you could do with this, but I find the most fun is to hold it in front of you and say, "Begone, filthy human!" in a high-pitched voice.

Type: off-hand item
Selling Price: 5000 Meat.
Gift Item

(In-game plural: giant stuffed bugbears)
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Item number: 1199
Description ID: 990619054
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Obtained From

The Gift Shop (after 26th ascension) (100,000 Meat)

When Used

You attempt to perform an action that is half hug, half cuddle, on your giant stuffed bugbear. How darling. No, seriously. Absolutely precious.



  • The description of this item refers to events in the 1985 film Better Off Dead.


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