Giant discarded bottlecap

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giant discarded bottlecap
giant discarded bottlecap

This is a giant discarded bottlecap, big enough to use as a hat. It'll do a good job of protecting your head (unless you encounter an opponent with a giant bottle opener) but it's pretty hard to see out from under the brim. Which isn't really a brim.

Type: hat
Power: 155
Moxie Required: 62
Outfit: Glad Bag Glad Rags
  (3 items)

Selling Price: 205 Meat.

Damage Reduction: 3
Mysticality -10

(In-game plural: giant discarded bottlecaps)
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Item number: 1690
Description ID: 875291892
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Obtained From

Giant Trash Quest (Seal Clubber, Turtle Tamer, Avatar of Boris, Zombie Slayer, or Cow Puncher)

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