Getting Hammered

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Getting Hammered
Getting Hammered

Stomping on mushrooms and performing other acts of low-resolution violence is pretty fun, until some jerk turtle throws about a million hammers at you. (Which is in fact what has just happened.)

With a weird wornk wornk wornk sound, you suddenly shrink to half your normal height. What the hell? What kind of hammers were those?

Whitepix.gifYou acquire an effect: Midgetized
(duration: 10 Adventures)

Occurs at The Fungus Plains (Bad Moon only).


  • This adventures only occurs after creating the digital key.


  • The adventure text and the effect gained are based on the game Super Mario Bros., where getting hit by an enemy attack (such as a hammer thrown by Hammer Bros.) causes big Mario to shrink to half his size, complete with a "wornk wornk wornk" sound.