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This is a cup of wine mulled in the heat of the center of a star. It remains a liquid at this temperature through sheer force of will.

Type: booze (awesome)
Potency: 2
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: Getssh-Yous-Drunkssh)
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Item number: 6446
Description ID: 610004137
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Obtained From

Dreadsylvanian Woods
End of the Path
Falls-From-Sky (Hard Mode)

When Consumed

You pour the boiling wine down your unprepared gullet.
AdventuresYou gain 8-10 Adventures.
You gain 60-100 Strongness.
You gain 60-100 Magicalness.
You gain 60-100 Sarcasm.
You gain 2 Drunkenness.
  • Or, if you have drunk one but have not gotten rid of the after-effect:
You shouldn't drink one of those so soon after the last one.


  • For the next three combats after drinking a GYD, you will see the following message after combat (including after running away):
The mulled wine you drank earlier continues to boil in your stomach.
HPYou lose X hit points. (hot damage)
X is equal to <your max HP> × max( 20 - <player level>, 1).
  • If you are Beaten Up by the damage, additional messages after combats will stop occurring.
  • At the end of your fourth survived combat after drinking a GYD, you will see the following message:
The mulled wine in your stomach finally stops boiling long enough for it to be fully absorbed into your system.
AdventuresYou gain 8-10 Adventures.
  • If you have Hotform active, the message is replaced with this and additional messages after combats will stop occurring:
The mulled wine in your stomach dissolves into the fire that your stomach is made of.


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