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You pause on your epic journey across the airship to take a breather. Suddenly, your eyes are flooded with otherworldly light. You look up and see the most beautiful creature you've ever seen floating in front of you.

She is a spirit, that much is certain, but so immaterial that light passes through her. As you gaze upon her beauty, you are overcome by the urge . . . to sneeze.

"Ah. . . Ah . . . ." you sniffle. The spirit looks tenderly at you and you feel the tickle in your nose subside.

"Take this with you, adventurer. . ." she whispers, and vanishes.

Imm1.gifYou acquire an item: Tissue Paper Immateria

Occurs at The Penultimate Fantasy Airship.


  • The name of this adventure was originally "The Spirit of... Gezundheit".
  • This adventure has delay() on it.


  • "Gesundheitgeist!" is a play on "Gesundheit", a German saying used when somebody sneezes, "Geist", a word meaning "spirit", and finally "Zeitgeist". The literal definition of the word is "spirit of health".
  • Some people are actually compelled to sneeze by bright light (Photic Sneeze Reflex)