General Mill

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General Mill
General Mill

You head up one of the rivers that feeds Sweet-Ade Lake and find yourself outside the old sugar mill. It's pretty run down, having been abandoned since those corn syrup farmers moved into the forest a decade ago, but you figure you can either use this time to open the sluice gate, causing some runoff to refill your moat, or you can go down into the basement and see if you can find some leftover sugar to supplement your candy supply.

Open the sluice gate

You open the sluice gate, which makes the... wheel thingy spin backwards, which makes some of those bucket thingamajigs tip over, which refills your moat.

Waves.gif +1 Moat

Head to the basement

You head down to the basement. It's mostly been ransacked already, but you remember that the walls are also made of sugar, so you grab a handful of lumber and carry it back to your basement.

Candypile.gif +259 Candy


You head down to the basement, and just like that whispering voice said, you find a massive haul of candy!

Candypile.gif +1001-1025 Candy

Occurs at Sweet-Ade Lake.