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Remember way back when you created your character, and you chose a girl or a guy? Perhaps you wondered what difference it would make. For the most part, it doesn't, but there are some things that can only be done by one gender.

Females Only

Males Only

Functionally-equivalent differences

Gender Bending


  • There are some gender-related things in the Kingdom of Loathing that are not affected by your character's gender:
    • The Calendar of Loathing comes in a girls and boys edition.
    • The Mr. Store item Ms. Accessory is an accessory that's just as powerful as a Mr. Accessory, but much, much prettier. You cannot trade it for any other items at Mr. Store, though.
    • Most monsters in The Hole in the Sky are euphemisms for primary sexual characteristics, implying male-typical anatomy on odd ascensions and feminine anatomy on even ones.
    • Gender does not affect which Dreadsylvanians give you kisses in said Clan Dungeon, which is duly noted by the description of the event.