Gatorskin umbrella

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gatorskin umbrella
gatorskin umbrella

Have you heard the expression "like filthy sewage off of a sewer gator's back?" No? Well, it describes things like the relationship between filthy sewage and this thing.

Type: weapon (1-handed umbrella)
Damage: 14 - 28
Muscle Required: 100
Selling Price: 145 Meat.

Serious Stench Resistance (+3)
Weapon Damage +15

(In-game plural: gatorskin umbrellas)
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Item number: 3222
Description ID: 607654468
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Hatpants.gif goatskin umbrella | titanium assault umbrella gator skin
Equals.gif gatorskin umbrella


  • Having this equipped will allow you to pass the Sewage Pipe item test encountered when exploring a Sewer Tunnel, at which point the item will be consumed.
  • Having this equipped on a Disembodied Hand does not allow you to pass the Sewage Pipe item test mentioned above.

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