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Save one, all Raffles are now illegal in /games. The only Raffle still allowed in /games are AntiRaffles (not announcing) since they are a NO-RISK game. All other Raffles are more appropriate games for your /clan since you should only participate with people you trust.

If you simply must host a raffle, it must be a NO PROFIT game. An AntiRaffle needs to have a prize that is of higher value than the total of tickets sold.

Raffle prizes can't be "artificially inflated" in value to make it look like the prize is worth more than the tickets. (market manipulation etc). Don't use /games like /trade2.0. Raffles can ONLY be held in shops. Not via kmails/PMs. AntiRaffles must have prizes. Otherwise, it becomes a min-meat sale, which is not actually a game. If you wish to host a min. meat sale you can either announce it in /trade or ask a friend/clanmate etc. via PM/kmail to announce it for you. You cannot announce your own min. meat sale anywhere other than /trade.

Anti-Raffle (AR)

HOW TO JOIN: Buy the ticket from the host's store.

OBJECTIVE: To buy a ticket from the host's store and have good luck (no, not ten-leafed clover luck... more of like chatbot luck).


USUAL PRIZE: varies, but usually 10000 meat

INFO: Upon the announcement of the AR, get to the store as fast as you can to get the ticket. It is called an AR because the tickets are lower than the mall price. That means, whether you win the grand prize or not, you already won because of the bargain! More on the extended Antiraffle page!

HC/RONIN FRIENDLY?: Yes, but tickets to go Hagnk's


  • Be careful! Scammers usually claim that there is an AR in their store and have the items at a high price. Look at the prices carefully.
  • Also, watch out for "price-switchers" who put cheap tickets in their store but quickly switch them to outrageously high prices while gamers are buying tickets, in the hopes that they won't notice the high price.
  • Also, don't forget to thank the AR-holder. They don't get anything from ARs, they host them because of the kindness in their hearts.
  • Remember that hosting an AR does require a prize--otherwise it's just a cheap sale, and belongs in /trade.
  • If you are talking about anti-raffles or ARs in the /games channel without actually hosting them, you must include a notice that you are not announcing (aka N/A).

Quick Games

2 or more from DC

Number of Players: Usually 3 but only as many as the host can supply is the wisest to keep /games happy.

Common prizes: Basically anything that you can send in a message or gift package. Seeing as I(Ice Fire) am the only one who has hosted this game it is usually stuffies, tiny plastic items, 1-9 balls, random items. Whatever the contestants want.

What to do: Simply look in the host's Display Case and pick 1 of any item that he/she has two or more of. Pm that item to the host and win it if you are 1 of the first 3 people to Pm him/her you win that item.

Info: The game is very simple. It is a matter of speed and luck.

HC/Ronin friendly? Yes


HOW TO JOIN: Send a PM listing KoL items to spell out a name.

OBJECTIVE: The quickest correct entry wins!

USUAL PRIZE: An Item or Meat. Varies.

INFO: In chat, the host types a name of a KoL player. The players have to spell out the name using KoL items. For example, if the name was "NAME," then an example answer would be: ND, a little sump'm sump'm, magical ice cubes, eyepatch. The first letter of each of the KoL items spells out the player's name. The response that is both correct and quickest wins the prize. HC/Ronin FRIENDLY? >>> Yes


Acronym Game

HOW TO JOIN: Send a Kmail/PM containing your acronym.

OBJECTIVE: To have the funniest acronym which impresses the host.


USUAL PRIZE: 10000 or 20000 meat

INFO: The host will say a acronym in /games (eg. SPWFF). Players will then Kmail/PM their acronyms (eg. Screw People With Fermented Flowers). The one which the host finds the funniest will get the prize.


Anti-Slot Machine

HOW TO JOIN: Send a PM containing 1, 2 or 3.

OBJECTIVE: To pick a different number.


USUAL PRIZE: 10000 meat

INFO: The host takes the first three numbers and the winner is the one with a different number. For example 2, 1, and 2, the second person, who picked 1, wins. If all numbers are different (ex: 3, 1, 2), everyone gets a prize (depending on the host).


Apples to Apples

HOW TO JOIN: Send a PM with a KOL-related noun (such as an item or monster) that best fits the adjective.

OBJECTIVE: The best/funniest entry wins!

USUAL PRIZE: An Item or Meat. Varies.

INFO: The host will name an adjective such as Cranky, Pale or Plentiful. Whatever the host thinks is the best or funniest response within a minute or so wins.


Bet Or Keep (defunct)

HOW TO JOIN: Usually a pm.

OBJECTIVE: Make as much money as possible on the MMG.


USUAL PRIZE: 1000+ meat.

INFO Due to the removal of the MMG, this is no longer valid, and thus remains for historical purposes.

The host will usually say, "First pm plays bet or keep with 1000 meat!" or something to that effect. Once the player is chosen, the host will ask if he would like to bet or keep. If the player says bet, then the host will bet the amount at the MMG. If this bet wins, then the total winnings are added up, and the host again asks if the player would like to bet or keep the new total. This goes on until either the meat is lost at the MMG or the player decides to keep his meat, in which case the host sends the player the meat. Sometimes, the player is allowed to split the bet, and decide what to do with each half. This is called "Bet, Split, or Keep", or, for short, b/s/k.



HOW TO JOIN: Send a PM (private message) to the host with the word "Catch" (or something similar indicating they are roleplaying the game with the host).

OBJECTIVE: To win meat or a prize.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: usually 10 or less


The host will roleplay throwing a KoL item or meat into /games. Players PM that person with the word "Catch" (or something similar indicating they are roleplaying the game with the host) in order to try and win the item/meat.

Some hosts want the first PM as the winner. Some will ask for a specific number for the winning PM and will mention it in their roleplaying if they do.

Variations: There are many variations to this game. You can set something down in chat and walk away so someone can PM that they picked it up, or tried to return it to the host. Any number of actions can be performed to the same effect as long as they adhere to chat rules. No violence, gross-out actions etc.

One variant requires the response to be humorous in some way for it to qualify as a winning PM. Example "Host drops a banana peel in chat and walks away, leaving it to the first clown to reach it" Then the person PMing could slip on it, or barely miss it and pick it up to wear it as a hat etc. Creativity is good. It's up to the host to convey any specific rules aside from the usual "Catch" if they require any.

The response MUST be in PMs unless the host specifies otherwise. Host sends the item/meat to the winner. Game complete.

Note: Not everyone in chat is aware of this game, so some people might roleplay random actions and not actually be hosting. Try to be kind, don't get annoyed if you "waste" a PM on a non-existent game. New people join /games every day and are learning the rules all the time.


DC Roll Game

HOW TO JOIN: Look in the Display Case and do as ordered.

OBJECTIVE: To be the first to do as specified in the Display Case.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: One~(quickest)

USUAL PRIZE: Anywhere between 1000 to 200000 meat

INFO: The host will say to look in their Display Case or hint towards their Display Case. The first person to do as inscribed in the Display Case is the Player. The most normal way of it is rolling a 1d20 in /games with chatbot. The responding roll will win specified meat in the Display Case, normally played 4-5 times in a span of 5 minutes so there is a normal limit of one per person.


Double Or Nothing

HOW TO JOIN: Be a certain pm to get in.

OBJECTIVE: To win as much Meat as possible. There are limits depending on how much Meat the host has.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Only One at any time


INFO: You start out with x Meat, and roll a 1D2 with chatbot in public to determine whether to double or lose it. Losers may get consolation prizes.


Four Corners

HOW TO JOIN: Send a Kmail/PM

OBJECTIVE: To be the one of the last three remaining players.

USUAL PRIZE: An Item or Meat. Varies.


INFO: First everyone picks a number 1-4 and PMs it to the host. Then the Host (or someone else) rolls a 1d4 in games. The people with that number lose (also if they did not pick a number, they also lose).Repeat until three (or less) people are left.



HOW TO JOIN The game is open to everyone in the channel, players are chosen by PM.

OBJECTIVE: To ask for an amount of meat lower than the Host's "secret amount"


RULES: First, the host chooses a "secret amount" of meat for the game. Then, the Host announces that PM # (X) gets to play Greed. Players message the Host, and the Host takes the correct PM number; posting it in chat. The Host then announces the starting amount of meat, referred to as the "Pot". The player can then ask to either be safe and keep the pot, or be greedy and ask for more. If the player asks for more, then the Host checks the amount against the "secret amount". If the asked amount is less than the "secret amount", the player gets all of the meat he / she asked for. If the amount is over the "secret amount", however, then the player gets nothing.

USUAL PRIZE: Varies, can be from 50k upwards.


Greed Test

HOW TO JOIN: Send a private message to the host.

OBJECTIVE: To reject as much as you can without going over



INFO: The host will present an offer, the player can accept or reject. If they reject, the host will offer an item of greater value. The host also has thought of a number, reject that many times and the player loses the game.


High Low

HOW TO JOIN The game is open to everybody in the channel. The host will ask for pms with a number between 1 and 100 on it. He will also say either 1st, 2nd, 3rd ect. pm is the guess that matters. Note that players may pm more than once, but only once per round.

OBJECTIVE: To guess the correct number in between 1 and 100.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: As many are in the channel.

RULES: The host will announce the entrant's name and what number he/she guessed. The host will then announce whether or the entrant's guess was High or Low. If the guess is correct, the entrant wins. If it is incorrect, the game continues until there is a winner.

USUAL PRIZE: 10,000 to 20,000 meat.


Human Cellphone

HOW TO JOIN: Send a PM/Kmail containing your answer.

OBJECTIVE: To be the first one with the correct answer.


USUAL PRIZE: 5,000 to 20,000 meat. Varies.

INFO: The host will post a set of numbers in chat. These numbers represent different letters. The problem is, they can represent more than 1 letter. Players in /games must then use the given table which shows what each number may possibly represent, and guess what the word is. A category for the word will be given to make it easier for people. The table is as follows:
1 represents A/B/C,
2 represents D/E/F,
3 represents G/H/I,
4 represents J/K/L,
5 represents M/N/O,
6 represents P/Q/R,
7 represents S/T,
8 represents U/V/W,
9 represents X/Y/Z.

ID Know (IDK)

HOW TO JOIN: PM the ID# of the answer

OBJECTIVE: To answer the question using KoL ID#s


USUAL PRIZE: 5,000 meat.

INFO: The host will ask a question answerrable by a KoL username. Players should do a /whois {answer}. They should then PM the ID# of the username they whoissed.

VARIATION: Some questions don't have only one answer. For example: "Name a month of the year." will yield a variety of answers. The only answers considered are the first ones to PM each month's ID#.


In Other Words

HOW TO JOIN: Send a pm containing your answer.

OBJECTIVE: Be the first gamer with the correct answer.


USUAL PRIZE: 5,000 meat. Varies.

INFO: The host reads a clue, and the players try to figure out what movie/song/etc title the clue is referring to. For example, the clue "The Quieting of the Sheep" is really the movie "The Silence of the Lambs" in other words. By that same token, "Stumbling Around A Trench in a Bodily Organ Made of Tree Products" would be "Trippin On a Hole in a Paper Heart" by Stone Temple Pilots. The first person with the correct answer to each clue gets a prize, usually 5,000 meat.


Mystery Box

HOW TO JOIN: Answer a trivia question correctly.

OBJECTIVE: Answer trivia questions to have a shot at the Mystery Box.


USUAL PRIZE: Either: a) 1000 Meat, guaranteed, b) A consumable (food/drink) item, c) A piece of equipment, d) A miscellaneous item e) 1000 Meat, or f) The Booby Prize of 1 Meat.

INFO: Upon answering a trivia question correctly, the host will ask "Meat, or Mystery Box?" The contestant must then choose. If they pick Meat, they win 1000 Meat, simple as that. If they choose Mystery Box, a chatbot roll of 1d5 will determine whether they get a food/drink item, a piece of equipment, a miscellaneous item, 1000 Meat or the booby prize. The game then repeats with another question.


Nobody Wants It

HOW TO JOIN: PM the Host.

OBJECTIVE: Pick an item nobody else wants.


USUAL PRIZE: One of 5 items from the host's mall store (usually marked at maximum price).

INFO: The Host will tell the first five players who pm'ed the host to choose an item. Those five can select any of the five items in the Host's mall store and pm their choice to the Host. Any item that is picked by only one player is given to that player.


VARIATION: Inventory Version (IceDomina): each of the players chooses an Inventory section (e.g. booze, melee weapons etc). Any player that chooses a unique category receives assorted items from that category (i.e. if only one person chooses 'booze', they receive assorted booze items).

Random Item Game

HOW TO JOIN: Give a random letter!

OBJECTIVE: Give a random letter and the first item in the host's inventory which begins with the letter will be the prize.


USUAL PRIZE: the first item in the host's inventory which begins with the letter

INFO: Sometimes, the host asks you to guess the item, if you guess right, you get an additional prize (usually 2k).


Rock Paper Scissors

HOW TO JOIN: PM "rock", "paper" or "scissors" to the host.

OBJECTIVE: Win in a game of rock paper scissors.


USUAL PRIZE: 10000 meat

INFO: The first two PMs will be the only one considered.



HOW TO JOIN: usually a pm

OBJECTIVE: Make as much money as possible rolling 1d6


USUAL PRIZE: 1000+ meat

INFO: The player tries to pick up as many points as possible by rolling a 1d6 as many times as he/she likes. The die rolls are added together to make the player's score. The player walks away with 1000 meat for each point. However, if a 1 is rolled, the player loses all of his/her points and walks away with nothing.



OBJECTIVE: To be the first to guess the word, phrase or item name.

USUAL PRIZE: Varies, usually an amount of Meat per letter left unrevealed at the time of the correct guess. If the answer is the name of an item, the winner also gets one of the item as well.

INFO: The host will start by putting a series of dashes in his/her Display Case text, each representing a letter in a word, phrase, or item name. At regular intervals (usually 30 seconds), a letter is filled in. The first person to PM the host with a correct guess wins, but an incorrect guess locks out the player for the rest of the round.

For example:

----------- -------
----------- -e-----
--r-------- -e-----
--r------u- -e-----
--r------u- -e----t
s-r------u- -e----t
s-r------u- re----t
s-r--p---u- re----t

and so on, with a new letter filled in every 30 seconds, until the correct answer is guessed.
(Correct answer: scrumptious reagent)


Friend or Foe

HOW TO JOIN: Send a PM to the host NOT containing the words "friend" or "foe"

OBJECTIVE: To get the grand prize.


INFO: The first two PMs will be the only ones considered. If both PMs say friend, the grand prize will be split 50-50. If one PM says foe and the other friend, the person who says foe gets the grand prize. If both say foe, then neither player gets a prize.




HOW TO JOIN: Either be in the channel, or in a smaller pm'd group, as chosen by the host.

Objective: To win by being not too greedy but not too patient either.

Info: The Host states the prize, either an item, group of items, or amount of meat. If no one claims the prize after a short amount of time, the host offers a greater prize. If someone claims it, they get the prize mentioned. If no one claims the prize before a certain amount of rounds pass, the timebomb "explodes" and no one wins (or everyone gets a consolation prize, at the Host's discretion.)

USUAL PRIZE: Whatever the prize mentioned is at time of winning.


VARIATIONS: EYIAD (Eff You Im A Dragon) style: the host chooses a certain minimum winning amount. Someone claiming the prize before reaching the predetermined amount is expelled from the game.

Not-So Quick Games

1 vs. x

based on the TV show 1 vs. 100

HOW TO JOIN: Send a PM or K-Mail to the host of the game, indicating you would like to join.

OBJECTIVE: Eliminate all the Mob Members, answer all question right.

You have 1 opportunity to ask for help, if you do, you will find out what letter that majority of the mob answered the most.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: One, vs. any no. of mob members

USUAL PRIZE: For every round, you will gain meat according to the eliminated members:
5 to the end-5k

Prize if the mob is fully eliminated: 5k x # of mob members, if the 1 is eliminated, the collected money will be split among the mob



HOW TO JOIN: Ask questions to get clues.

OBJECTIVE: To guess the KoL item the host has chosen beforehand.



INFO: You ask the host questions to get to the word. After the 20th clue (answer) has been posted, the players can guess the word.


Archery Contest

HOW TO JOIN: Private message the host of the game after they announce how many PMs will count as players.


1-5 = miss, 0 pt

6-9 = Target Box, 1 pt

10-12 = Outmost ring, 2 pts

13-15 = Outer ring, 3 pts

16-18 = Middle ring, 5 pts

19 = Inner Ring, 8 pts

20 = Bullseye, 10 pts + bonus prize

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Either a 2 person shoot-out lasting 3 rounds, with 1 shot each per round, or a 5 person contest with the lowest player(s) eliminated after each round (scores are tallied throughout)

USUAL PRIZE: varies, but usually in a 2 person game, both players are given gifts.

INFO: Players may designate shooters to roll dice for them. Players must pay attention when they are up to shoot. The players play in the order that they private messaged the host of the game.


VARIATIONS: # of rounds or players, a bullseye may not give a bonus


HOW TO JOIN: Send a kmail to the host containing five different numbers from one to ten.

OBJECTIVE: To say "Bingo" in chat when all your five numbers have been called.


USUAL PRIZE: 100000 meat

INFO: After joining, you have to stay tuned in chat to know if your numbers have been called or not. The first person to say "Bingo" in public chat usually gets the prize.


Caption This!

HOW TO JOIN: Simply PM the host when images are posted.

OBJECTIVE: PM a caption for the picture posted to the game host. The caption the host likes best wins. This is a completely subjective game.



INFO: When hosting the game its generally a good idea to obfuscate your links. Something like will tend to skew PMs to be captions about monkeys that look like gravel. I use for this, others host images with random file names on their own sites.


VARIATIONS: SuperCaptions- Similar, but with comic book covers/frames as the picture. All responses are placed in the DC of the hoster, and people vote on which response they prefer. The person who receives the most votes wins.


HOW TO JOIN: Send a kmail or PM to the host saying that you want to join.


Cassandra's objective: To kill the Greek Spy

Greek Spy's objective: To kill everyone

Citizens' objective: To kill the Greek Spy

(Refer to INFO below for more)


USUAL PRIZE: Varies, depends on the host.

If Cassandra wins, she gets the prize.

If the Greek Spy wins, he gets the prize.

If the citizens win, they split the prize.

INFO: In Greek mythology, Cassandra was give the ability to predict the future, but cursed by Apollo so nobody would believe her.

-Cassandra (publicly chosen by chatbot)
-Greek Spy (aka murderer)
-King of Troy (vote counts double)
-Apollo (once only, can lift his curse and make people believe Cassandra, this protects the named victim, but the murderer gets to choose another victim)

1) One player is PUBLICLY selected to be Cassandra. This is done by rolling with chatbot in games, having the given number result in the player with the corresponding number being Cassandra. Thus, everyone knows who Cassandra is. The other roles are chosen privately.
2) Each round, Cassandra (not the Spy, unless Apollo has used his ability) chooses which citizen will die at the hands of the Spy.
3) The surviving citizens then vote to decide who will be held accountable for the murder. However, they cannot choose Cassandra to die.
4) Play continues till one of the following happens:
5) If Cassandra picks the Greek Spy to die, Cassandra wins the game.
6) If only Cassandra and two citizens (Greek Spy, and another) are left, then the Greek Spy wins.
7) If the players accuse and kill the Greek Spy, then the players win.


Cry Chupacabra

HOW TO JOIN: Send a kmail or PM to the host saying that you want to join.


Chupa's objective: To kill everyone

Villager's objective: To get rid of the chupacabra

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Usually more than eight

USUAL PRIZE: Varies, but usually 20k, 30k or 50k meat.

If the chupa wins, s/he gets the pot.

If the villagers win, they split the prize.

INFO: The game operates in two stages, usually designated "night" and "day". During the night, the chupa chooses someone to kill and PMs the choice to the host. The host then announces who was killed to start the day stage, where the villagers then vote who they think the chupa is. Whoever the villagers vote on is killed, but if they got the wrong person, the game moves back into night and the chupa kills another villager, and the loop continues.



  • Cry Werewolf (only name different)
  • Vampire Chupacabra (by evilbob)
  • Chupacabra Madness (by evilbob)
  • KoL Mafia (by Merric)
  • I Can Has Cheezburger? (by KyeKeiko)
  • Many variations include extra roles and abilities above and beyond the basic Killer/Villager starter package. See "Extra Roles" below.


  • Seer/Watchman: Observe actions of players. Will be told findings, and can tell others who is the Werewolf if he sees the Werewolf killing
  • Role Revealer: Once per evening may PM the host to ask if a certain player is the Killer. Sometimes the Role Revealer also can discover what roles the non-Killers have.
  • Defender: Once per evening may PM the host a player to protect from harm.
  • Vigilante: Can bypass the mob, generally once per game, to kill whoever they want.
  • Judge: Has 2 votes

NOTE: Cry Chupacabra is more famously known as "Mafia", and hordes of information about the game can be found on Wikipedia, including many of the role and rules variations.


This is a variation of the Archery Game

OBJECTIVE: roll a 3d20 publicly in chat to shoot. Best shooter wins. Darts Contest Points

1 = 1 point

2 = 2 points

3 = 3 points...

20 = 20 points

All 3 rolls count towards your total score. As in real darts players get 3 darts to shoot at a time.

To roll type in chat '/msg chatbot roll 3d20 in /games' chatbot will show what the totals are of each throw.

Players: 3 seems to work pretty good, but you can have more if you wish.

Like real darts playing for 301 points is a good start. 501, 601, 701 are good too, but take a long time.

My prize is usually 20k for first place, 10k for second place, and 1k for 3rd place.


Deal or No Deal

based on the game show of the same name

HOW TO JOIN: PM or kmail. Usually, the host takes the first five, gets a dice roll and whoever is on that spot plays.

OBJECTIVE: To strategically take out boxes that has low values to get the grand prize.


USUAL PRIZE: 2000000 meat (on highest box)

INFO: *means it depends on the host.

A number of boxes* will be available for the player to pick. Every box has a value usually ranging from 1 to 2mil meat*. That box is now the players' box (of course, the player is not sure of what it will contain). The banker will try to get it back by offering meat. After every offer, the banker will ask if it's a deal or not. If the player answers, "no deal", the banker then asks him to pick boxes to discard. The value of the discarded boxes will be revealed to make the player know that the box he is holding does not contain the value. The offering and discarding continues until there are two boxes left (the player's and the remaining). If it's a "deal", the player will get the banker's offer. If it's "no deal", the player will get whatever's in his box. Sometimes, with two boxes left, the player is offered a chance to switch his/her case with the remaining unopened box.


Deal Or No Deal Multiplayer

HOW TO JOIN: PM the host. The # PMs get to play.

OBJECTIVE: To strategically take out Cases that has low values to get the grand prize.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 (minimum) to 5 (maximum)

USUAL PRIZE: 1 meat (lowest Case) to 1mil meat* (highest Case)

INFO: This is a variation of Deal Or No Deal, except that this has more than 1 player taking part in the SAME GAME. All the rules apply.

Things to note:
1) Each player chooses his/her Case in the order they were accepted into the game.
2) Each player opens the same number of Cases each round.
3) The Banker's offer applies to all players.
4) The first player to say "Deal" to a banker's offer in PM or chat gets the offer. All other "Deal"s after that will not be accepted.
5) A player who deals will have his Case added to the pool of unclaimed (unopened and does not belong to a player) Cases.
6) Opening of Cases will go on till the number of remaining unclaimed Cases is equal to or less than the number of players still playing.
7) When Step 6 occurs, players are given the option of trading in their Case for one of the unclaimed ones. Trading is on a first come first serve basis. BUT if player A trades his Case 1 for unclaimed Case 2, player B CANNOT trade his Case for Case 1.
8) Players who don't deal get what is in their Case in the end.


based on the TV game show Duel

OBJECTIVE: Answer multiple-choice trivia questions, playing as few choices as possible while still covering the correct answer, until your opponent fails to do so.


USUAL PRIZE: 10K per chip left, plus a progressive jackpot starting at 1M

INFO: For full rules, see User:Poochy/Duel Rulebook (Series)

Basic details: Both players get 10 chips at the start of the Duel. The same multiple-choice question is asked to both players, who place a chip on each answer that they think might be correct. (Selecting multiple answers is allowed, and in fact expected.) If one player fails to place a chip on the correct answer, he/she loses and his/her opponent wins. Chips placed on incorrect answers are lost; a player who has less than 4 chips left may only select as many answers as they have chips. The winner of a Duel gets to play another Duel; 5 consecutive wins nets them the jackpot and they retire undefeated.



HOW TO JOIN: PM the host when he/she asks for players.

# OF PLAYERS: 2 or more. (More than 5 can become complicated, but is possible)

INFO: Players take turns adding letters in front of or behind a growing fragment without making a word. Starting fragments are either 3 letters long, or alternatively the game will start by the first player stating a single letter. (If this is done, whole words with less than 4 letters are not counted.)

Example 1:

Player 1: IGH
Player 2: LIGH
Player 3: FLIGH
Player 1: FLIGHT

Example 2:

Player 1: I
Player 2: IS
Player 3: EIS
Player 4: EIST
Player 5: LEIST
Player 6: LLEIST
Player 1: ILLEIST

Player 1 would lose in both cases for making a word.

The fragment also must be part of a word. (Players can bluff though.) At any time, any player may yell, "Ghost!" The player who just went must be able to conjure up a word that contains from the fragment. If he/she cannot, he/she looses. If he/she can, the person who yelled, "Ghost!" looses.

Example 3:

Player 1: IGH
Player 2: LIGH
Player 3: FLIGH
Player 1: FLIGHE
Player 3: I'm gonna call Ghost on that.
Player 1: Hee hee, you got me.

Note: If the host feels a player is taking too long, he will remind him/her that it's his/her turn and give him/her a limited amount of time, (say 1 minute.) If he/she cannot come up with an answer in the given amount of time, he/she looses. Also, no slang, foreign language, proper nouns or jargon.


Glsbnewt1's Normal: - 20-100K. (Depending on # of players.)

Although, in truth, anything can be used, or the game can be played just for fun.



HOW TO JOIN: Generally open to everyone in chat and run through PMs to the game host.

OBJECTIVE: To be the first to correctly guess the hangman word.


USUAL PRIZE: Merric gives out 5k for every correct answer, as well as 2k to people who suggest a word which is then used as a puzzle.

INFO: The game host will post a word in chat (or, alternatively, their profile or DC) with letters that haven't been guessed represented by underscores. When asked, PM just one letter to the game host. They'll take the first letter they receive and see if it fits into the puzzle, then post the updated puzzle and ask for a new letter. Players may PM the answer at any time, but are only allowed one guess - an incorrect guess disqualifies you from guessing again that round. Theoretically, once six incorrect guesses have occurred (head, body, two arms, two legs) the round is over, but hosts generally allow guessing beyond this and just chide chat for killing the poor stick figure.

A sample post to chat may look like this:
Hangman (round 5, 5k): _ A L L _ _ _ / _ E L M E T : Incorrect guesses - I, S, R (3/6). PM me your guess for the next letter. (Slash is word breaks)


Haunted House

HOW TO JOIN: Send a kmail or PM (depends on the host) to the host asking to join.

OBJECTIVE: To survive booby traps in the Haunted House till the last person remaining gets the grand prize.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Mimimum 8, Maximum 15. Number may vary depending on the host.

USUAL PRIZE: Any amount of meat. Usually a multiple of 10k, sometimes multiple of 5k.

INFO: For every round, host will let the players choose a number from 1 to [number of players left in the round]. There may not be more than 1 player to a number. Numbers are given on a first come first serve basis. Players who pm numbers which have been taken will be publicly asked to repick. Host will get chatbot to roll a 1d[number range] in /games. Number which is rolled will result in the killing of the player who chose that number. This will continue until there are 2 players left. The 2 players will pick their number and chatbot will roll the WINNING number.


Know Or Go

HOW TO JOIN: Send a kmail or PM (depends on the host) to the host asking to join.

OBJECTIVE: To be the last remaining player in the game.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 8 to 10 players. >13 is too many.

(VisD's usual)
Winner: 50k=8 people, 55k=9 people, 60k=10 people.
2nd: 10k=8 people, 15k=9 people, 20k=10 people.

INFO: Every round there will be a trivia question with a time limit. The time limit varies according to the difficulty of the question. Players who answer the question correctly within the time limit are allowed to strike one other player for that round. This cycle continues till there are 2 people remaining.

Every player has 3 lives. Therefore, once they have received 3 strikes, they are eliminated from the game.

In the case of 2 people left, the player who answers the question first, both correctly and within the time limit, will be the one that can strike for that round. Game ends when only one person is left.

The voting works like this: The first person to answer will start voting first. Let's say A and B answer the question right, but A answers first. A has 2 strikes and B has 2 strikes. Now, even if B PM's who he wants to vote off first, A's vote still counts first. Order of question answering matters, order of voting does not. Also,using the above scenario, if A votes off B, B's vote is considered null and void and useless and is worth nada, zip, zero, and whatever else synonym you can think of.

  • OPTIONAL: If the host so wishes, the first person to answer each question may be granted Immunity for that round, along with the chance to vote, which means that (s)he cannot be voted off for that round. The host will need to notify everyone that so-and-so cannot be voted for that round.


Nacirema Attack

HOW TO JOIN: Send a PM to the host at any time during the game stating “West”, “Center”, or “East”.

OBJECTIVE: Defend the base against the Nacirema attack, and live.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Any, and may change during the game.

USUAL PRIZE: Usually 5k, but anything that can be divided between many people will work.

It is also possible for nobody to win the game.

INFO: Players join the Adanac army at the beginning of the game or at any time between rounds. They may also change what base they are in at any time between rounds. The host rolls to determine which base is attacked; tradionally, the center base has greater odds of being targeted. If there are people in that base, the host rolls 1d2 to determine whether the Adanac (players) or the attacking Nacirema wins. The host tells the players the results, and if the players win, the game ends and every player at that base splits the prize. If the players lose, those at the base are eliminated from the game. The game continues until all the players have died or they have had a victory.



  • Nacirema Loot Pile: Instead of eliminating players, the pot grows with every round the players lose.
  • Foreign General: A player decides which base to attack. In this variation, that player receives the pot if all the other players die.

Majority Rules

HOW TO JOIN: Send a kmail or PM (depends on the host) to the host asking to join.

OBJECTIVE: To choose the choice that more people choose.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: usually more than eight

USUAL PRIZE: 10000 meat

INFO: For every round, the host will give two choices. Your task is to pick the choice you think majority of the players will choose. If you choose correctly, you continue to the next round. If not, you're out.


Meat Cards

based on the Money Cards endgame from Card Sharks

HOW TO JOIN: Send a kmail or PM, or buy an underpriced item a la AR (depends on the host's whims).

OBJECTIVE: Correctly predict whether a series of cards will be higher or lower than the last card.


USUAL PRIZE: 3,200,000 meat (theoretical maximum, if the player wagers it all and predicts correctly every time)

INFO: The Meat Cards board consists of seven cards on three tiers. Tier 1 has three cards, Tier 2 has another three cards, and Tier 3 has one card. Aces are high, and 2's are low.

The player starts with 20,000 Meat and a random base card, dealt from the same deck. He/she must guess whether the next card is higher or lower than his/her current card, and wager Meat on his/her prediction. (For example, "10,000 Meat, higher!") Each wager must be at least 5,000 Meat, and in multiples of 5,000. If the player is correct on his/her prediction, he/she wins the wagered amount, but loses it if he/she is wrong. If the next card is the same (i.e. neither higher nor lower), no Meat is won or lost. (Therefore, if the player has a 2 or an Ace, he/she should wager the whole enchilada, because it's impossible to lose.)

After finishing Tier 1, or if the player busts (i.e. wagers his/her entire total and lost), the last card is moved to the start of Tier 2 and the player gets another 40,000 Meat. If the player busts anytime after this, the game ends and he/she wins nothing or a consolation prize. Upon finishing Tier 2, the last card is moved to Tier 3. Tier 3 only has one final card, called the Big Bet. The player must wager at least half of his/her total on the Big Bet. (An increment of 2,500 Meat is allowed for the wager here, if the player wants to bet exactly half his/her winnings.)

In addition, there are three unknown, pre-dealt cards, labeled #1, #2, and #3. The player may change his/her current card once in each tier, replacing it with one of the three pre-dealt cards.


Mini RPG Fight!

HOW TO JOIN: Send a kmail or PM (depends on the host) to the host asking to join.

OBJECTIVE: To be the last player alive.


USUAL PRIZE: Whatever the host decides.

INFO: Players begin with 20 HP. Players take turns doing one of the following actions:

Attack: Host rolls 1D6 and the results are the damage you give to your chosen opponent.

Potion:Make Chatbt rolls 1D6 for the following effects:
1: You gain 2 HP
2: Stunned (Skip a turn)
3: Lose 1 HP
4: ????(Host's decision)
5: Poison( lose 2 HP each turn)
6: Cure yourself of stunned or poison, and gain 5 HP.
You may use only one potion on yourself, and as many as you want on your enemy. However, you must decide the target before rolling.

Charge: Skip your current turn, and attack with 2 dice instead of 1 next turn. If doubles are rolled, the total damage is doubled. (Ex: 1+1=2, 2x2 =4)

Heal: Revives a dead character, up to 10 HP. May only be used once per player.



HOW TO JOIN: Send a kmail or PM (depends on the host) to the host asking to join.

OBJECTIVE: To break the pinata to get the sweets.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: usually six

USUAL PRIZE: Sweets. Winner gets his choice of sweets while the rest get random ones.

INFO: Players take turns to hit the pinata by rolling a 1d3 in games. 1 = You Hit 2 = You Miss 3 = You Miss and Hit yourself (You are out of the game) The pinata will break when it receives 5 hits. Should all players be out, and the pinata is not yet broken, the last player surviving player wins.


Random Gamy Whatnot

HOW TO JOIN Pm the host before they close the game.

OBJECTIVE Win all the randomly chosen contests. Contests range from measure of KoL skill ("Trophy Fight," where least displayed trophies loses), to typing and attention to detail (speed pm, which I think is self-explanatory), and even other games (a version of "Majority Rules," for example). Each round s designed to ELIMINATE at least one player. If it fails, the host chooses one person at random. [*] When two players remain, they pm crazy attacks to the host. The host decides which attack is better, and the better attack wins.


PRIZE Depends

INFO Pretty much everything is the host's choice. The game's structure is only basic; the only required game is the final "crazy attack" round.


RPS Showdown

HOW TO JOIN: Host will announce game with the desired number of players. PM or kmail the host as requested.

OBJECTIVE: Win in a game of "rock paper scissors" but with random win conditions.


USUAL PRIZE: Grabbag of goodies or meat

INFO: The host decides ahead of time which weapon beats which. Then, all players send in their choice of weapons. The host then determines who gets eliminated by the weapon with the highest counts. If there are 2 highest counts of different weapons, they get pitted against each other. Some examples:

  • For this example, we'll use "Pistol beats Shotgun", "Shotgun beats Rifle", and "Rifle beats Pistol".
  • 4 Pistols, 5 Shotguns, 3 Rifles. Shotguns had the highest count, so everyone who picked Rifles would be eliminated, since Shotguns beat Rifles.
  • 3 Pistols, 3 Shotguns, and 1 Rifle. Since Pistols and Shotguns both had the highest count, they get put against each other. Since Pistols beat Shotguns, all the Shotgun players are eliminated. The Pistols and the Rifle go on to the next round.
  • 4 Pistols, 1 Rifle. Head to head, Rifles beat Pistols. This will leave one winner, whomever chose Rifle.

For fun, it's recommended that the host announce the results with a bit of a Wild West theme.


Snow Brawl

HOW TO JOIN: Host will announce game with the desired number of players. PM or kmail the host your side as requested (usually RED or BLU).

OBJECTIVE: Survive Snow Brawl by defending yourself, stocking up on supplies, and attacking members of the opposing team.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 8 or more, sometimes 16 people at most

USUAL PRIZE: ~100k, more depending on player amount, kill count, etc.

INFO: The host announces Snow Brawl, asking people to pm either RED or BLU. if one team is severely outmatched, the last person(s) who joined the enemy team will be asked to defect. At the start of each round, players are given 4 choices:

  • Attack with a snowball
  • Defend self with shield
  • Save snowball for later
  • Save shield for later

Players may not attack their own team, however, protecting them is okay. After everyone selects their choice, the host announces who did what. Then, the host throws snowballs at whoever was defeated that round. Shields block one snowball each, snowballs defeat unprotected people, saved equipment carries over to the next round. When two people throw snowballs at each other, both people are eliminated. When an item was saved from previous rounds, up to all of them may be used in a single turn. When only one person on each side remains, they are allowed to come to a truce, and split what would've been won. When one side defeats the other side, they all win.


Temptation: The New $ale of the Century

based on the Australian game show Temptation, with some elements from the original $ale of the Century as well as the US remake of Temptation

OBJECTIVE: Obtain a higher score than your two rivals, and accumulate enough score Meat to buy the endgame prize you want.


USUAL PRIZE: 5 large prizes plus a Meat jackpot of up to 10M, plus smaller prizes and amounts of Meat (see rules)

INFO: For full rules, see User:Poochy/Temptation Rulebook

Basic details: Answer trivia questions for score Meat and prizes. Along the way, the hosts will tempt players to spend their score Meat on Temptations, usually in the form of items and prize Meat. At the end, the player with the most score Meat is declared the champion, and can either spend their score Meat to buy a large prize, or bank it and try to fend off another two rivals for more score Meat in order to buy a better prize.


The Game

HOW TO JOIN PM the host

OBJECTIVE To eliminate all enemies, after a series of rolls that will decide your attack

NUMBER OF PLAYERS usually 6 (Elimination Camber), 2v2v2 (Thriple Threat Tag)or 3v3 (Alliance vs Horde)


INFO Each player has 20 HP. If a player loses all of his/her HP, player is out. The players PM me who they want to attack, then a xd30 in games would decide their attack. x is equal to the number of players that are eligible to take a turn. For example, the 5d30 gives a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Player 1 would do action 1, player 2 will do action 2, and so on. Before starting, the players would pick their element or get one at random, that would give resistance and plus damage to other elements as follows:
Hot - +2 damage to Spooky & Cold, -2 damage to Sleaze and stench
Cold - +2 damage to Sleaze & Stench, -2 to hot and spooky
Spooky - +2 to Cold and Sleaze, -2 to Hot and stench
Stench - +2 to Hot and Spooky, -2 to sleaze and cold
Sleaze - +2 to Hot and Stench, -2 to Cold and Spooky

Any elemental attack done to a player with the same elemental type will deal 0 damage

1 - Attack for 4 damage
2 - Heal 6HP to self / teammate of choice
3 - Poison enemy (2 damage per turn for 3 turns)
4 - Explosion (7 damage to all players, even yourself)
5 - Critical Hit (9 damage)
6 - Hide (Makes you immune to all effects from odd # actions)
7 - Stun (enemy can't attack for 2 rounds)
8 - Global Healing (Heals all players for 4 HP)
9 - Elemental Strike (5 Damage)
10 - Hide
11 - Player's Choice (Player picks a move from the list)
12 - Fumble (3 damage to self)
13 - Massive Elemental Strike (6 damage to all enemies)
14 - Chicken Out (Does nothing)
15 - Elemental Strike (5 damage)
16 - Power Up Self (+2 damage for 3 turns)
17 - Attack for 4 damage
18 - Speed Boost (You get an extra attack next turn)
19 - Time Lapse (Only the users of this skill can attack next round)
20 - Hide
21 - Poison Nova (Poisons everyone except user for 3 turns)
22 - Heal 6HP to self / ally
23 - Double Edge (11 damage to enemy, 5 damage to self)
24 - SauceSphere (All damage done to either you or ally gets reduced by 2 for 3 turns)
25 - Attack for 5 damage
26 - Fumble (5 damage to self)
27 - Ensnare (Enemy can't attack, and must get an even numbered action next turn. However, if the roll picks an odd number, the ensnared person gets stuck for another turn)
28 - Super Strength (Increses max HP by 50% for 3 turns, heals 50% of remaining HP)
29 - Weaken enemy (-2 damage for 3 turns)
30 - Hide


  • All effects start on the next round after gaining effect
  • Usage of skills that affect multiple players: In case of team battles, all of the members of your team will get the positive effects (Heal) and the enemies will get the negative effects (damage, stun, poison). The only exception is the skill Global Silence, Poison Nova and explosion, which will affect everyone. In case of FFA battles, all effects affect everyone except explosion.
  • Elemental damge only takes effect on elemental strikes.


The MEAT is Right!

HOW TO JOIN: Private message the host your bid once he says you can start bidding

OBJECTIVE: The Host gives a clue to an item and all the /c gamers can start 'bidding' The highest bid that does not cross the mall price of an item wins!

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Open to Everyone in chat.

USUAL PRIZE: The item that they were bidding for and 10-20k.

INFO: This is NOT an auction, but is a game designed like an auction and players DO NOT give meat to the host at all.


TP War

HOW TO JOIN: PM the current host of the game and accept his/her challenge.

OBJECTIVE: Try to make your opponent's computer lag till he quits.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: One on One (1v1), Triple Threat (1v1v1), Fatal Four Way(1v1v1v1) Gauntlet match (any number of players but players battle one on one. Winner faces next challenger.), Elimination Chamber (6 players.), Royal Rumble (Infinite Number of Players.).

USUAL PRIZE: Loser gets the tons of TP that made his screen lag, Winner often gets to loathe the loser, or any item worth 5-20k from the loser that the winner wants.

INFO: When the user challenges anyone, accept it, then TP him/her (or any other member of the war) until he/she/they quit because of lag.



HOW TO JOIN: Send a pm or Kmail to host telling him/her you want to join. They will often ask for you to specify if you wish to be team leader or not.

OBJECTIVE: To survive the game, to have your team win.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Often teams of three (2 members and 1 leader) and anywhere from 2-5 teams.

USUAL PRIZE: Varies with host. Winning team receives prizes. Leader: 10k, Surviving members: 7.5k, dead members: 2.5k.

INFO: When the game starts, the host will ask you to PM them either "hide" or to "snipe [player name]". Leaders may not be sniped until all their team members are gone. You may only either snipe OR hide once per round. Once you snipe, you are open to be sniped at. If all members of a team are dead except for the leader, the leader gains a skill: The Ace of Spades. This allows them to both hide and snipe in the same round, albiet in separate PMs. The game ends when only one team has members AND/OR leaders left.


Who Wants To Be A/An (amount/name)-Aire?

HOW TO JOIN: Send a PM or K-Mail to the host of the game, indicating you would like to join.

OBJECTIVE: Work up a ladder, for example 5-10-15-20-25-30-40-50-75-100k, usually 10 steps, by answering multiple choice trivia questions, and reach the top amount!

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Originally played with 5, can be single player, or any amount that the host wants to deal with, really.

USUAL PRIZE: See "Objective"; can vary, depending on funds availability/generosity of the host.

INFO: This is a multiple choice trivia-based game, usually with easier questions first, escalating up to more difficult ones as the rounds progress. Four potential answers per round. All answers are independently PM'ed to the host; usually you are given a time-limit of 2-3 minutes, to help weed out googler/wiki'ers. You may change your answer, as long as it is before the host has announced the correct answer in chat. To help, you may either use one of your three "Life-Line"s, which (for now) allow you to eliminate two of the three wrong answers; or, if you're still unsure, you may choose to drop out, at the amount of the farthest step of the ladder that you have completed. There are two "Safe Points", which I have been adding at questions 4 and 7; if they answer incorrectly before this point, they still get the amount they would have for question 1. If they answer wrong at say, question 6, they will get the amount from question 4, the "Safe Point" they last passed. Based on the TV show, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!"

Whammy: Push your luck!

based on the TV show

HOW TO JOIN: Send a PM or K-Mail to the host of the game, indicating you would like to join.

OBJECTIVE: You have 2k. You have 3 spins. Roll 1d25. If you get:

1- 3k
2- 5k + 1 spin
3- Whammy
4- 10k
5- Chow Mein
6- 2 Advanced Cocktailcrafting booze
7- Big Bucks
8- SuperWhammy
9- 10k +1 spin
10- Whammy
11- 50k
12- Whammy
13- SuperWhammy
14- 5k
15- SuperWhammy
16- 7k + 1 spin
17- Chow Mein
18- 3k + 1 spin
19- Whammy
20- 5k
21- 2 Advanced Cocktailcrafting booze
22- 3k
23- 25k
24- Whammy
25- 5k

Big Bucks - get the highest amount
Whammy-Lose all your meat
SuperWhammy-Whammy + Whammy Wham Bomb (Brick, TP or Cream Pie)

Get 3 Whammys and you're out of the game. SuperWhammy counts as 1.5 Whammys

You have the option to not use your remaining spins.


USUAL PRIZE: See "Objective"; can vary, depending on luck.


Forbidden Games

This is a list of games that will most likely get you mocked, baleeted, and banned.


Send me stuff games: This includes any game that requires players to send meat or items through Kmail. If your game, such as a raffle, requires an entry fee of some sort then sell ‘tickets' in your mall store.

I'm too cheap to buy it myself games: This includes "The first person to send me X gets Y" and "The person who sends me the most X gets Y" games. This idea is not original, but sneaky. Go to trade and offer to pay.

Thinly veiled clan ad games: This includes any game that requires people to join your clan in order to play. It also includes any game that offers membership to your clan as a "prize".

Spammy games: This includes any game such as "The first person to type 333333333 into chat wins X!" and "PlayerX throws a hell ramen into the chat and gives it to the first person who catches it". If your game is going to result in a lot of responses then remind people to PM or Kmail instead of posting in open chat. Then it is not spammy, therefore it is not forbidden!

Policy-schmolicy games: This includes games that require participants to break the Policies of Loathing. For example, games that require players to harass the mods or fellow players, involve pornography in any way, create large amounts of spam or include racial slurs.

Other-world games: This includes games that give items from other games as a prize. For example, giving away a 100 gold pieces in Runescape. You are in the Kingdom of Loathing. Gold pieces do not exist. Other games do not exist. Please stick with in-game items and services.

Min-meat sales. Minimum-meat sales, while appreciated, are not games. They are sales and belong in /trade.

Homework Any attempt to use /games as a way to complete a homework assignment.

See Also