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For the format of the walk-through, see GameInformPowerDailyPro Walkthru.

After using GameInformPowerDailyPro subscription card, you will receive a GameInformPowerDailyPro magazine which allows access to the GameInformPowerDailyPro Dungeon.

The message "New message received from GameInformPowerDailyPro." will be found in your recent events log.


Cool morning, great dude! Welcome to the newest issue of GameInformPowerDaily Pro! Check out all the good features we've got for you today:

  • A super-exclusive glimpse of Beavervase Media's newest mind-bending mind-bending cart-racing motion-controlled indie game, Space Warfare 6: The Troll's Journey
  • A brand-new ultra-exclusive totally wicked glimpse of Call Of White 2: Retribution of the Eldritch Mice, the new old-school surreal horror wicked indie game by Delicous Puppy Games
  • A first-hand look at Eaglebarbell Studios's newest awesome game, Star Road 5: Zachary's Problem
  • A sweet brand-new retrospective of Puppycage Entertainment's newest killer puzzle multiplayer horror mind-bending game, Splatter Iron 9: The Lord's Conquest
  • A ultra-exclusive sweet first-hand look at Mass Fantasy 8: Bill's Journey, the new tactictal platformer game by Questionable Ferret Entertainment

Plus all the super-killer editorials, letters, screenshots, news, and advertisements you've come to expect from the world's #1 most daily source of video game infotainment, GameInformPowerDaily Pro!

Gamemag.gifYou acquire an item: GameInformPowerDailyPro magazine