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Fury is a resource exclusively available to Seal Clubbers, used by several of their skills.


Fury is measured in gallons, and is reported on the character pane (between the drunkenness meter and the HP meter). Fury starts out at 0 gallons and is reset during rollover and when ascending. As long as you have 0 Fury, the Fury meter will not be displayed. Only Seal Clubbers with the Wrath of the Wolverine skill can build up Fury. Other classes are unable to do so, even if Wrath of the Wolverine has been made permanent.

One gallon of Fury is generated each time you defeat a monster. Your Fury level is capped at 3 gallons, or 5 gallons if you've learned Ire of the Orca.

You lose all of your current Fury if:

  • You lose to a monster in combat (including losses due to the 30-round limit, but not including runaways, free or otherwise).
  • You cast Hibernate.
  • You cast Batter Up!
  • You cast Cavalcade of Fury (consuming it for attacks).
  • You rest in your camp site (including free rests).

With no other passives, Fury gives +1 bonus weapon damage per gallon. This is revealed by the Fury meter tooltip which lists all benefits your Fury currently grants.

Skills influenced by Fury

The following Seal Clubber skills use Fury in some way:

Skill Level Cost Effect
Wrath of the Wolverine 4 Passive Generate Fury when you defeat a monster. Enables storage of 3 gallons of Fury
Buoyancy of the Beluga 5 Passive Regenerate 1 HP per Adventure for each gallon of Fury
Thirst of the Weasel 6 Passive Your Smacks restore 1-2 HP per gallon of Fury
Furious Wallop 7 1 Fury A regular attack that is guaranteed to be a critical hit
Club Foot 8 8 MP Monster defense reduction and stun duration depend on your Fury level
Seething of the Snow Leopard 9 Passive Improves fury bonus weapon damage from +1 to +3 per gallon of Fury
Ire of the Orca 10 Passive Fury capacity increases to 5 gallons
Batter Up! 11 5 Fury Banishes the monster until rollover (only one monster is banished at a time)
Cavalcade of Fury 12 15 MP + all Fury Consumes all of your Fury and performs multiple savage attacks
Precision of the Penguin 14 Passive +1% chance of Critical Hit for each gallon of Fury

Items interacting with Fury

Currently, two items have an enchantment that grants its wearer a 25% chance to gain an extra gallon of Fury when gaining a gallon of Fury:

Another item that gives a chance of generating extra Fury is the aerogel anvil.

Effects interacting with Fury

Silent Hunter causes you to not gain any fury, this includes fury from interactions (such as Meat Tenderizer is Murder).


  • During the Radio Show on October 9, 2013, Jick mentioned plans to duplicate the additional Fury-generation of the seal medal on another piece of equipment without having both enchantments stack, so players who didn't get the medal could still gain access to the enchantment.
    • On December 1, 2013, this was implemented as part of December 2013's Mr. Store item.

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