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From Bad to Worst
From Bad to Worst

The path through the "wildlife sancutarrrrrgh" eventually comes to another fork. On the left, the path is marked with rough wooden poles topped with alligator skulls and decorated with crude clay beads and the feathers of various swamp birds. Presumably, that trail leads into the territory of the angry tribal swamp beaver guys and the tree that they worship.

The other trail leads into some kind of shantytown -- you see rough mud huts, and extremely crude shacks made from piled-up scrap. Cruder even than what you're probably imagining -- I mean 'crude' as in 'doesn't really understand what a house is, but heard about one somewhere and wanted one'.

So, it looks like you've got your choice between two different kinds of crazy.

Head into swamp beaver territory

You mark the fork on your map so you can easily find it again, then head into the swamp beaver lands, carefully watching out for an ambush. These swamp beaver guys are weird, but they're also vicious. Rabid, even, and you hope to god that isn't literally the case.

New Area Unlocked
Bigmap.gifSwamp Beaver Territory, in Le Dègueulasse Marais.

Explore the village

You mark the fork on your map so you can find it again, and head cautiously toward the strange little shantytown. The place is quiet, but not deserted; you're definitely being watched. You catch a glimpse of some kind of animal peering at you from a hole in a hollow tree, but it quickly ducks back inside when it sees you looking.

Then, you hear a splashing noise, and turn to see a large red fox, squatting on its hind legs and wearing a tattered and grimy black overcoat, riding a rough flat-bottomed rowboat with "The Dominion Post" scratched on the side. The fox hums cheerfully as it pushes the boat through the water and toward the village with a long pole.

When the fox catches sight of you, though, its eyes open wide, and it utters a sharp bark of alarm. It quickly turns and starts poling the boat back the opposite way as quickly as it can. You start to hear growling noises coming from several of the huts and shacks.

Guess they don't cotton much to strangers in these parts.

New Area Unlocked
Bigmap.gifThe Weird Swamp Village, in Le Dègueulasse Marais.

Occurs at The Wildlife Sanctuarrrrrgh.


  • The fox in the boat is a reference to Seminole Sam from the Pogo comic strip. Sam is a traveling huckster who always travels the swamp by boat. The scows in the comic, used by many characters, have a different newspaper name on the side in every strip.