Frobozz Real-Estate Company Instant House (TM)

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Frobozz Real-Estate Company Instant House (TM)
Frobozz Real-Estate Company Instant House (TM)

This is a portable house, with a label on it reading "Frobozz Real-Estate Company Instant House. (TM) Just add water!"

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: Frobozz Real-Estate Company Instant Houses (TM))
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Item number: 526
Description ID: 538314813
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Obtained From

Strange Leaflet Quest

When Used

  • When constructing:
You place the Instant House on the ground at your campsite, and pour some water on it. You're really moving up in the world!
  • When resting:
See resting.
  • When replacing:
You cover your house with gasoline and set it on fire.




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