Fright School

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Fright School
Fright School

You enter the abandoned schoolhouse. The teacher's dusty desk sits before an old-style green chalkboard. The students' desks, tattooed with the chaotic carvings of generations of bored children, sit in disarray.

Oh, and some witty prankster has scrawled the word "FART" in black spraypaint on the chalkboard. Good job, that guy.

Clean the erasers
You take the erasers out back and give them a thorough pounding. The clouds of chalkdust you release apparently look like sexy ghosts, because a bunch of the real ghosts from the village start sniffing around, batting their eyelashes and flexing their muscles.

Thinking they're being rebuffed, the amorous spirits follow the clouds of dust into the sky as they dissipate in the wind.

(Fewer ghosts will appear in the village now)

Rummage through the teacher's desk

If fewer than 10 pencils have been collected this instance:

You open the teacher's desk, but find only a dozen empty bourbon bottles and the ghost of a pencil.
Dv ghostpencil.gifYou acquire an item: ghost pencil

If 10 pencils have been collected:

You open the teacher's desk, but all you find is a bunch of empty bourbon bottles.

(Does not end the adventure)

Read the carvings on the students' desks
You read the strange symbols carved into the students' desks. Many of them are just crude depictions of genitals, but some of them are extremely insightful depictions of genitals.
You ?380? Enchantedness.

Quit school
You drop out.

Occurs at Dreadsylvanian Village Square in Dreadsylvanian Village.