Forward to the Past

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Forward to the Past
Forward to the Past

Wandering nonchalantly around the ballroom, you find yourself standing near the band. One of the musicians strikes you as a little odd -- partly because he keeps glancing nervously at a photograph he has taped to his lute, and partly because he's kind of see-through. Well, okay, since this place is mainly inhabited by ghosts, I guess that isn't particularly unusual. Still...

"Something wrong?" you ask him.

"Dude, you have to help me!" he says. "You probably won't believe this, but I've travelled here from the future. This is the party that my parents originally fell in love at -- er, at which my parents originally fell in love -- and if they don't kiss by midnight tonight, I'll cease to exist!"

"Bummer," you reply, tactfully neglecting to point out that all the people here have been dead for hundreds of years, and if they haven't had kids yet, they hopefully never will. Still, never one to pass up the opportunity for a zany scheme, you concoct and execute a cunning yet unspecified plan to make the kid's parents fall in love, and they're in each other's arms just as the clock begins to strike twelve. And then you have to look away, because the sight of two rotting zombies making out is not a pretty one.

You suddenly feel less lucky.

You gain (200% of <mainstat>) in Chutzpah, capped at 300 ± 30.

Occurs at The Haunted Ballroom while Lucky!