Form of...Bird!

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Form of...Bird!

Form of...Bird!

You have the body and birdbrain of a bird. Let me de-vaugue-ify that for you: you're one of those vicious predator birds, not one that sits on pirate's shoulders and talks nonsense about money.

I hope you enjoy your bird freedom, because this bird you cannot change.

You're a Bird

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Obtained From


Basic Skills

Attack MP Cost Effect
Attack with your Beak 0 MP Normal attack
Get a You-Eye View 30 MP +50% bird-related item drops
Vicious Talon Slash 5 MP Deals damage equal to 75%-85% of buffed muscle
All-You-Can-Beat Wing Buffet 10 MP Delevels √(buffed moxie)
Look For Shiny Objects 0 MP Duplicates pickpocket

Bird-Related Item Drops

After any won combat, players in bird form may find special items, usable only while in bird form. Only one may drop in a combat, and they have a base drop rate of 50%, but are unaffected by normal item drop modifiers.

Item Effect
delicious shimmering moth Recovers 30-40 MP
interesting-looking twig Use 100 to create house of twigs and spit
plump juicy grub Heals 90-100 HP

Elemental Insects, Skills and Feather Rewards

After fighting elementally aligned monsters, players have a chance to find an elemental insect instead of a twig, grub or moth. Elemental insects drop in place of other drops 75% of times (so after 37.5% of eligible combats). Using an elemental insect while in bird form allows one use of the corresponding elemental combat skill. Any charges of a skill left when bird form wears off do not carry over for future use. Based on which combat skills you used, you may receive one of the following feathers from the Welcome Back! adventure. Even if you qualify for multiple rewards, you will only get one feather for each birdform session. With the exception of the glimmering roc feather, all rewards give 20 turns of an effect and cost 1 spleen.

Element Insect Prerequisite Reward Effect
Stench monsters delicious stinkbug The Statue Treatment
5 times
glimmering buzzard feather Carrion' On
+60% Meat from Monsters
(20 adventures)
Sleaze monsters tasty louse Give Your Opponent "The Bird"
5 times
glimmering great tit feather The Great Tit's Blessing
+20 to Monster Level
Moxie +5%
(20 adventures)
Cold monsters scrumptious ice ant Antarctic Flap
5 times
glimmering penguin feather Antarctic Memories
Recovers 40 HP and MP after a battle
(20 adventures)
Hot monsters delectable fire ant Rise From Your Ashes
5 times
glimmering phoenix feather Phoenix, Right?
+6 Stats per Fight
(20 adventures)
Spooky monsters yummy death watch beetle Feast on Carrion
5 times
glimmering raven feather Melancholy Burden
+60% Items from Monsters
(20 adventures)
- - Vicious Talon Slash
All-You-Can-Beat Wing Buffet
15 times
glimmering roc feather

20-30 Beefiness, Wizardliness, & Cheek
6-10 Adventures
4 Spleen


  • The bird form ability "Look For Shiny Objects" allows the player to use Pickpocket. This allows access to pickpocket-only items (like frigid mote) to non-Moxie classes. Moxie classes have access to their existing pickpocket ability instead, which will trigger same combat text as "look for shiny Objects" which does not appear in the skills list or combat action bar for Moxie classes.
  • This effect cannot be removed with a soft green echo eyedrop antidote.
  • Rollover does not reset the number of skill uses required for a reward.
  • When a skill is blocked, it is not counted towards the number of skill used. If an elemental skill is blocked by The Bonerdagon it will not consume a charge gained by using the elemental insects.
  • While most normal skills are blocked, skills from equipped items such as Creepy Grin can still be used.
  • Birdform drops can occur after using the skill Release the Boots.
  • You need at least one adventure remaining to receive your reward.
  • If you qualify for multiple rewards, how the game determines which one you receive is not yet spaded.


  • The name of this effect is a reference to the Wonder Twins, Zan and Jaina, who have the ability to shape-shift. When doing so, they say, "Wonder Twin powers, activate! Form of..." and each then states the shape they are assuming.
  • The line "this bird you cannot change" in the description is a quote from the Lynyrd Skynyrd song "Free Bird".