Forged identification documents

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forged identification documents
forged identification documents

This is a set of identification documents, boldly but falsely declaring you to be a person known as Bramlet Abercrombie, of 1742 Boris Blvd., The Right Side of the Tracks, Seaside Town.

Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: forged identification documentss)
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Item number: 2064
Description ID: 987115231
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Obtained From

The Black Market (5,000 Meat)
Way of the Surprising Fist challenge path
Wu Tang the Betrayer



  • "Bramlet Abercrombie" refers to an episode of The Colbert Report in which Stephen Colbert interviews Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones and suggests she start a television show similar to Judge Judy called Judge Tubbs. Stephen pretends to be Bramlet Abercrombie, suing his girlfriend Sharon Applebaum for the return of his couch.