For Whom the Bell Trolls

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For Whom the Bell Trolls
For Whom the Bell Trolls

Having dispatched all the "trolls," you find yourself in the inner sanctum of the fortress. It's dominated by a massive statue of... well, it's sort of hard to say. Either the LyleCo people didn't finish carving the statue, or they were trying to insinuate that trollish artisans aren't very good at representing things in sculpture. In any case, there's a big gem in what would be the forehead of the statue if the statue had a recognizable forehead.

There's also a throne, which is currently unoccupied but for a gross-looking haunch of meat, and a bell, which was added so this encounter could have a better title.

With Chewsick Copperbottom's notes:

Hey, maybe there's some evidence of Cheswick's fate around here...

Ring the bell

You ring the bell, delighting in the sound.

Nothing interesting happens, though. I told you, it's really only here so the title of this encounter can be "For Whom the Bell Trolls."

Take the haunch

You climb up onto the throne and grab the haunch. Then you spend an hour sitting there saying things like "Look at me, I'm the king of the trolls!" Your G. E. M. beeps, reminding you that you have more important things to do than playing pretend.

Fr haunch.gifYou acquire an item: nasty haunch

Look for signs of Cheswick

You spend an hour or so snooping around looking for signs of Cheswick, and sure enough, you find a compass with 'PROPERTY OF C. COPPERBOTTOM' scratched onto it. Score!

Your G. E. M. beeps in celebration of your score.

Uvcompass.gifYou acquire an item: Cheswick copperbottom's compass

Pry the giant Rubee from the statue  [requires FantasyRealm pickaxe]

You pry out the giant Rubee™ and then spend an hour breaking it up into regular sized Rubees™ Your G. E. M. beeps.

Megagem.gifYou acquire 40-60 Rubees™

Leave for now

You'll deal with this whole sanctum situation later.

Occurs at The Troll Fortress.