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These are all the foldable items in the game. Foldable items have an additional command that transforms them into another item in a group. While the additional command is functionally the same as [use], it may be labeled something like [melt], [fold], [squish], [switch], or [pawn].

Mr. Store

These are the seven different Mr. Store items which can be folded into multiple forms. The first five take on their own elements, the sixth is non-elemental and the seventh has its own theme.


Great Ball of Frozen Fire meltables
Flaming item Type Enchantment
Ffnecklace.gif evil flaming eyeball pendant Accessory Combat Initiative +15%
+15% Meat from Monsters
Ffpants.gif liar's pants pants +30 to All Attributes. Yeah, +30. That's the ticket.
+10 Hot Damage
Ffballs.gif flaming juggler's balls One-handed euphemisms +10 Hot Damage
+2 Stat(s) Per Fight
Ffshirt.gif flaming pink shirt shirt +15% Item Drops from Monsters
Ffdop.gif flaming familiar doppelgänger Familiar Equipment Familiar gains 1-2 extra experience per Adventure
+5 to Monster Level


Iceberglet meltables
Ice item Type Enchantment
Icepick.gif ice pick Hat +15% Item Drops from Monsters
Iceskates.gif ice skates Accessory Combat Initiative +15%
+15% Meat from Monsters
Icesickle.gif ice sickle One-handed knife +15 to Monster Level
+5 Cold Damage
Icebaby.gif ice baby off-hand items +3 Stat(s) Per Fight


Container of Spooky Putty squeezables
Putty item Type Enchantment
Sputtysheet.gif Spooky Putty sheet Combat Item Copy monsters in combat
Sputtysnake.gif Spooky Putty snake Chefstaff Spell Damage +50%
+20 Damage to Spooky Spells
Regenerate 6-8 MP per adventure
Sputtymitre.gif Spooky Putty mitre Hat +3 Stat(s) Per Fight
Sputtypants.gif Spooky Putty leotard Pants Combat Initiative +15%
+15% Meat from Monsters
Sputtyball.gif Spooky Putty ball One-handed superball +10 Spooky Damage


Stinky cheese ball squeezables
Cheese item Type Enchantment
Sc sword.gif stinky cheese sword One-handed sword +Z/3 Stench Damage
Sc diaper.gif stinky cheese diaper Pants +Z/10 adventures per day when equipped
Sc wheel.gif stinky cheese wheel Shield Z/2 Damage Absorption
Sc eye.gif stinky cheese eye Accessory +Z/5% meat drops
+Z/5% item drops
Allows use of Give Your Opponent the Stinkeye in battle
Sc staff.gif Staff of Queso Escusado One-handed chefstaff Spell Damage +50%
+20 Damage to Stench Spells
Regenerate 6-8 MP per adventure
Jiggle for Z-10 to Z+10 stench damage
Z is the current stinky counter, capped at 100


Naughty origami kit foldables
Origami item Type Enchantment
Origamiken.gif naughty paper shuriken Combat Items Deals 15-20 damage
Chance of stunning opponent
Origamipasties.gif origami pasties Shirt +30% Meat from Monsters
Origamicrop.gif origami riding crop One-handed crop Makes you prone to innuendo (heh heh)
+10 Sleaze Damage
Combat Initiative +15%
Origamiteller.gif naughty fortune teller Off-hand Items +Some Stats Per Fight
Origamimag.gif origami "gentlemen's" magazine Familiar Equipment +10 lbs. of Ghuol Whelp


Loathing Legion switchables
Loathing Legion item Type Enchantment
Llabacus.gif Loathing Legion abacus off-hand item -5 MP to use Skills (in-combat only)
Llcanopener.gif Loathing Legion can opener off-hand item +25% Food Drops from Monsters
Llchainsaw.gif Loathing Legion chainsaw 2-handed chainsaw Weapon Damage +100%
Successful hit weakens opponent.
Llcorkscrew.gif Loathing Legion corkscrew off-hand item +25% Booze Drops from Monsters
Lldefib.gif Loathing Legion defibrillator off-hand item Regenerate 5-6 MP per adventure
Llprism.gif Loathing Legion double prism 1-handed prism +2 prismatic damage
Llelecknife.gif Loathing Legion electric knife off-hand item +20% Meat from Monsters
Llflamethrower.gif Loathing Legion flamethrower 2-handed flamethrower +20 Hot Damage
Llhammer.gif Loathing Legion hammer 1-handed hammer Gets the job done
Llhelicopter.gif Loathing Legion helicopter familiar equipment +5 to Familiar Weight
Familiar will act more often
Lljackhammer.gif Loathing Legion jackhammer <none> Allows Meatsmithing without the Adventure cost (3 times a day)
Llsink.gif Loathing Legion kitchen sink off-hand item Spell Damage +25%
Llknife.gif Loathing Legion knife <none> Tradable
Llhook.gif Loathing Legion many-purpose hook off-hand item +10% Item Drops from Monsters
Llsundial.gif Loathing Legion moondial off-hand item +4 Adventure(s) per day when equipped.
Llnecktie.gif Loathing Legion necktie accessory +4 Stat(s) Per Fight
Llpizzastone.gif Loathing Legion pizza stone off-hand item (shield) Slight Resistance to All Elements
Llskates.gif Loathing Legion rollerblades accessory Combat Initiative +50%
Lltapemeasure.gif Loathing Legion tape measure off-hand item +10% chance of Critical Hit
Lltattoo.gif Loathing Legion tattoo needle usable Gives a tattoo.
Llscrewdriver.gif Loathing Legion universal screwdriver usable Allows you to unscrew (untinker) meat-pasted items.


January's Garbage Tote variants (via Rummaging through the Garbage)
Item Type Enchantments Limited ability
Deadcrimbotree.gif deceased crimbo tree Off-hand None Blocks damage while needles remain
Chambottle.gif broken champagne bottle 1-handed knife
  • Regenerate 4-8 MP per adventure
  • Weapon Damage +50%
Doubles item drop bonus while the champagne flows
(11 combats per day)
Tinseltrousers.gif tinsel tights Pants
Usedtape.gif wad of used tape Hat
  • All Attributes +10%
  • +15% Item Drops from Monsters
  • +30% Meat from Monsters
Garbageshirt.gif makeshift garbage shirt Shirt
  • +3 Stat(s) Per Fight
  • +3 PvP fight(s) per day when equipped.
  • +10 Stench Damage
Doubles stat gains from monsters while it's readable
(37 combats per day)



Item Notes
makeshift turban
Temporary Blindness, So-So Spooky Resistance
makeshift cape
+5% Item Drops from Monsters
makeshift skirt
Combat Initiative +15%
makeshift crane
Becomes an Origami Towel Crane

Turtle wax

Item Notes
turtle wax shield
Maximum HP +10
turtle wax helmet
Slight Hot Resistance
turtle wax greaves
Muscle +2

Crimbo P. R. E. S. S. I. E.'s familiar equipment

Item Notes
metallic foil bow
+5 to Familiar Weight
Causes familiar to give stats like a Volleyball
metallic foil radar dish
+5 to Familiar Weight
Causes familiar to give stats like a Sombrero
metallic foil cat ears
O Hai!

Mini-Hipster's familiar equipment

Item Notes
ironic moustache
+10 to Familiar Weight
chiptune guitar
+25% Item Drops from Monsters
fixed-gear bicycle
+3 Stat(s) Per Fight

Baby Bugged Bugbear's familiar equipment

Item Notes
bugged balaclava
+20 to Monster Level
bugged beanie
+10 to Familiar Weight
bugged bön±Ã©t
+5% Food Drops from Monsters
+5% Pants Drops from Monsters
+5% Candy Drops from Monsters

Note: The bön±Ã©t may be folded into the beanie, but the beanie and balaclava can only be folded into each other. The only way to produce a bön±Ã©t is via zapping.

Robortender's familiar equipment

Item Notes
toggle switch (Bartend)
+5 to Familiar Weight
toggle switch (Bounce)
+5 to Familiar Weight
Doubles chance of granting PvP fights after combat from 5% to 10%

mushroom slab

Item Notes
mushroom cap
+25 to Monster Level
+5 Adventures per day
+5 PvP fights per day
mushroom shield
Muscle +40
Mysticality -20
Moxie -20
Monsters will be more attracted to you
Damage Reduction: 6
mushroom pants
Moxie +40
Muscle -20
Mysticality -20
Monsters will be less attracted to you
mushroom badge
Mysticality +40
Muscle -20
Moxie -20
-25 to Monster Level