Flying In Circles (Sauceror)

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Flying in Circles
Flying in Circles

Lumpy recoils from your attacks, and begins to slide over the edge of the island, its pseudopods unable to gain purchase on the glassy volcanic rock. If it could talk, it would doubtless be shouting about how this isn't over, and you'll never defeat it. Maybe get in some insults like "pathetic human!" Instead, it just makes angry bubbling noises.

Soon, the monstrous blob's own weight is too much for it to bear, and it loses its grip on the rock. As it falls, a mouth opens on its surface and howls: "<Demon Name>! Revenge!". That was certainly... unexpected. Lumpy hits the boiling lava with a glorp and soon disappears beneath the surface.

There is an ominous moment of silence.


Occurs immediately after defeating Lumpy, the Sinister Sauceblob (The Nemesis' Lair)