Fly-By-Knight Heraldry form

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Fly-By-Knight Heraldry form
Fly-By-Knight Heraldry form

This is a form from the Fly-By-Knight Heraldry Company. You fill out the title to which you think you're entitled, and they perform a titillating search to verify that you're entitled to the titular title.

(This item allows you to bestow a Custom Title on yourself or somebody else.)

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded
Free pull from Hagnk's

(In-game plural: Fly-By-Knight Heraldry forms)
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Item number: 3216
Description ID: 925591992
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Obtained From

Mr. Store (5 Uncle Bucks)

When Used

Greetings, nobleman and/or noblewoman! We know you've always felt that you're entitled to more than the common peasant rabble; you've felt that secretly, deep down, you're royalty. We here at Fly-By-Knight Heraldry are sure that you are, too. For the nominal fee you've paid, we'll do an exhaustive search through your family history and find your royal roots, enabling you to finally assume the title you so richly deserve.

We know you'll prove your aristocratic roots by not pursuing a title that is racist, profane, or generally offensive -- you're too refined for that. And we have to protect other peoples' heritage, too, so if you pick a title that mentions another player, that title can be revoked (and your form refunded) at that player's discretion.

So, what title shall we confer upon you?

Your new title: (40 characters maximum):

Preview: <playername>

%L - your current level
%S - your current level, plus an appropriate number suffix

EXAMPLE: "the %L-lb Gorilla" would show as "the 26-lb Gorilla"
EXAMPLE: "the %S degree Pink Belt" would show as "the 26th degree Pink Belt"

If you wish to bestow a title on someone other than yourself, use the box below to indicate whom: (name or playerid)

Custom titles are subject to administrative approval. Your custom title will be unavailable until approval has been granted. This may take some time, so please be patient.

  • Upon submitting:
Your custom title has been submitted. Fly-By-Knight Heraldry thanks you for your patronage, and will process your form as soon as we can!


  • Custom titles can be toggled in the Account menu.
  • When you hover with your cursor over a player's title in their profile, a tooltip displays who bestowed the title. The format of this is "Bestowed by <playername> (#<playerID>)". If no tooltip is shown, the title was self-bestowed.
  • Upon getting a title an event message (in chat, recent events or a yellow box on login) is displayed:
The custom title "<title>" has been bestowed upon you!


  • Prior to the Mr. Store "revamp" on December 8, 2014, this item had cost 1 Mr. Accessory, but gave you two when purchased, effectively equal to the current price.


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