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The Florist Friar

The most important part of any Florist Friar strategy is to find a way to remember to use it. This is extremely difficult to do and is left as an exercise for the reader.

Beyond that, the florist friar's plants can provide a player with a number of extremely ascension-relevant and powerful benefits.

This guide will only cover Territorial Plants and +Combat initiative plants, as those tend to be the most ascension relevant.

Outdoor Plants

Plant Zone(s) Notes
Rabid Dogwood

Rabid Dogwood (+30 ML)
Oil Peak This is really only useful for the Oil Peak. May have viability in the battlefield in Class Act II.

Rutabeggar (+25% Item Drops)
The F'c'le
The Goatlet
The Smut Orc Logging Camp
The Penultimate Fantasy Airship
The Palindome
The Hole in the Sky
+25% Item Drops from monsters is a pretty versatile effect.
Rad-ish Radish

Rad-ish Radish (+5 Moxie Stats per Fight)
The Outskirts of Cobb's Knob
The Spooky Forest
The Friar Zones
Twin Peak
The Penultimate Fantasy Airship
The Black Forest
The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert
An Oasis
The Themthar Hills
The Battlefield
The Palindome
The usefulness of +5 moxie stats per fight hinges on your being a moxie class.

Indoor Hotspots

Plant Zone(s) Notes
War Lily

War Lily (+30 ML)
The Various Zones in Spookyraven Manor
The Zones in the Castle in the Clouds in the Sky
There are no indoor zones with special +ML interaction, so the best use of this plant is for stat gains in the same locations you might use a +Muscle stat plant.
Stealing Magnolia

Stealing Magnolia (+25% Item Drops)
The Haunted Library
The Haunted Ballroom
Useful for finding killing jars or dance card collection for powerleveling.
Canned Spinach

Canned Spinach (+5 Muscle Stats per Fight)
The Various Zones in Spookyraven Manor
The Zones in the Castle in the Clouds in the Sky
The usefulness of +5 muscle stats per fight hinges on your being a muscle class.

Underground Hotspots

Plant Zone(s) Notes
Blustery Puffball

Blustery Puffball (+30 ML)
The Defiled Cranny Enlarging the swarms of ghuol whelps you fight is always a good idea.
Horn of Plenty

Horn of Plenty (+25% Item Drops)
The Defiled Nook
The Dungeons of Doom
The Middle Chamber
+25% Item Drops is useful for skeletons in the cyrpt, for large box hunting, and against tomb rat kings.
Wizard's Wig

Wizard's Wig (+5 Mysticality Stats per Fight)
The Defiled Niche The usefulness of +5 Mysticality stats per fight hinges on your being a Mysticality class.
Shuffle Truffle

Shuffle Truffle (+25% Combat Initiative)
The Defiled Alcove Helps to find Modern Zombies.


  • You may only plant one of each plant type per type of zone per day.
  • With the new ML interactions, the +ML plants are equivalent in mainstat gains to the other territorial plants, and also provide offstats, both of which are worth considering when planning out powerleveling.
  • It is also recommended you use some of the other plants in places where you want to ramp up the difficulty, such as the MP regen and block attacks/delevel ones. Not necessary, but it does provide some good quality of life.

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