Flickering pixel

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flickering pixel
flickering pixel

This is like all the other pixels you've seen. Literally. Like all of them, all at once.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: flickering pixels)
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Item number: 6156
Description ID: 648086574
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Obtained From

Anger Man's Level
Stupid Pipes.
You're Freaking Kidding Me
Doubt Man's Level
A Stupid Dummy. Also, a Straw Man.
Slings and Arrows
Fear Man's Level
So... Many... Skulls...
Regret Man's Level
This Is Your Life. Your Horrible, Horrible Life.
The Wall of Wailing

When Used

With 1 pixel:

You look at the pixel. You sense great power within it, but also great loneliness.

With 2-7 pixels:

You hold the pixels in the palm of your hand, but nothing happens. Looks like you still don't have enough.

With 8 pixels:

You hold the flickering pixels aloft, and they rise into the air and assemble themselves into a formidable blade. A flourish of beeps echoes across the land as the blade slowly drifts downward and into your outstretched hand.
Byte.gifYou acquire an item: Byte


  • Unlike other pixels, these do not show up in the Crackpot Mystic's Shed.
  • Getting a flickering pixel does not solve the noncombat. You must encounter it again to solve it.
  • Once you get a flickering pixel, you can never get another from that same place ever again.


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