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Flash Headlight

Flash Headlight

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 15
usable once per fight

Sneaky Pete would often flash his headlights at other motorists to let them know that there was a speed trap ahead of them, or sometimes to destroy their cars.

Source: Sneaky Pete's Gate
Price: N/A
Class: Avatar of Sneaky Pete
Level: Motorcycle Guy 10
Effect: Deals damage and staggers, special effects depending on any installed Headlight upgrades
When Used:
With default headlight installed:

Blinded by the light, your opponent revs up like a deuce, suffering X damage in the night.

With an Ultrabright Yellow Bulb installed:
You flash your headlight. A sweet guitar riff plays as your opponent is vaporized.

Eyes.gifYou acquire an effect: Everything Looks Yellow
(duration: 99 Adventures)

Or, against opponents that cannot be disintegrated:
You flash your headlight. A sweet guitar riff plays as your opponent suffers 9-10 damage.

Or, if you still have the Everything Looks Yellow effect:
Your eyes are still burning from the last time you flashed that light, so you just alternate your turn signals for a while. Your foe, confused by your intentions, stumbles over a rock and suffers 1-8 damage.

With a Party Bulb installed:
Party bulb! x (+x) (+x) (+x) (+x)

With a Blacklight Bulb installed:

The blacklight reveals, on every nearby surface, a medley of horrifying stains. Your opponent is just as horrified as you are, and suffers X damage.


  • With the Ultrabright Yellow Light installed, Flash Headlight disintegrates enemy, and causes all its (non-conditional) items to drop. Does not work on bosses.
  • With the Party Bulb installed, Flash Headlight staggers the opponent deals roughly 0.2*(Buffed Moxie) points of damage of each element, calculated separately for each element.
  • With the Blacklight Bulb installed, Flash Headlight staggers the opponent and deals roughly 0.4*(Buffed Moxie) points of sleaze damage.

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