Fizzing spore pod

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fizzing spore pod
fizzing spore pod

This fleshy ball filled with mushroom spores is red, quivering, and making a sort of sizzling sound. You probably don't want to be holding it when it goes off.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 50 Meat.

Deals 20-40 physical damage

(In-game plural: fizzing spore pods)
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Item number: 8427
Description ID: 820067817
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Obtained From

The Fungal Nethers
angry mushroom guy

When Used

  • On use:
Pod fizzing.gif
You hurl the fizzing spore pod at your opponent, and dive to the ground. BLAM! The pod explodes, spraying mushroom spores in every direction, but more importantly (from your point of view) causing 37 to your foe.



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