Five Second Energy™

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Five Second Energy™
Five Second Energy™

This is a little vial of foul, chemical-smelling fluid. Even the idea of it makes you angry -- who knows what will happen if you actually drink the stuff.

Type: spleen item (crappy)
Toxicity: 3
Selling Price: 5 Meat.

(In-game plural: bottles of Five Second Energy™)
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Item number: 7101
Description ID: 796432016
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Obtained From

The Inner Wolf Gym
Abcrusher 4000™
Legstrong™ stationary bicycle
rack of free weights

When Used

You swallow the fluid. It's just as infuriating as you expected. At least there wasn't very much of it.
You gain 3 PvP Fights.
(You gain 3 Spleen.)


  • The name of the item Five Second Energy™ is a reference to the energy drink 5-hour Energy™.

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