Fishy fish casserole

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fishy fish casserole
fishy fish casserole

This is what a tuna casserole would be if tuna was exactly like itself, only multiplied by like a hundred. Waves of fishy smell drift off of it in... well... waves. Just like the waves the fish used to swim in, which is kind of sad, if you really think about it.

(Cooking ingredient)
Type: food (awesome)
Size: 3
Level required: 9
Selling Price: 150 Meat.

(In-game plural: fishy fish casseroles)
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Item number: 2526
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Obtained From

Sack lunch (0-1) (when level 11+)


Ezcook.gif dehydrated caviar displaced fish  
Ezcook.gif fishy fish Gnollish casserole dish
Equals.gif fishy fish casserole

When Consumed

You sing a little song as you eat the casserole, "Come on and get in my mouth, come on and get in my mouth, fishy fish."
AdventuresYou gain 8-15 Adventures.
You gain 35-45 Smarm.
(You gain 3 Fullness.)



  • "Come on and get in my mouth, fishy fish" is a reference to the Strong Bad email "lures & jigs".
  • This line may also be a reference to Red Dwarf. A character known only as "The Cat" sings his "I'm going to eat you little fishy" song each time he devours his favorite meal.


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