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Below is a comprehensive list of everything in game that 'directly' affects your skill at catching fish.

You will require a fishin' pole, which you can get from the Clan Floundry in the VIP Lounge.

You can see your current skill (if you have the pole) by checking your Other Accomplishments.

Absolute Increasers

Source Source Type Incr Duration Cost Prereq Notes
A Real Head for Fish Item (booze) 10 50 turns Item Loss, 2 Drunk Level 6 Obtained from bottle of Fishhead 900-Day IPA
antique tacklebox Item 5 Always
Astute Angler Passive Skill 10 Always None Obtained from using Trout Fishing in Loathing, which is obtained from combats in The Haunted Library
Baited Hook Item 5 100 turns Item Loss None Obtained from using wriggling worm
Fishing For Knowledge Item 5 20 turns Item Loss None Obtained from using a Finnish Fish, which is a Halloween candy obtained from having Shallow Sea Fishing Outfit equipped.
fishin' hat Hat 5 While Equipped None Available in The Armory and Leggery (10k meat)
fishin' pole Quest Item 20 Always None Obtained from visiting the Clan Floundry in your Clan VIP Lounge
Fishtacular Vernacular Item (booze) 10 40 turns Item Loss, 1 Drunk Level 3 Obtained from Bloody Nora
Floundering Item (booze) 5 40 turns Item Loss, 1 Drunk None Obtained from low tide martini
government-issued slacks Pants 5 While Equipped None Obtained by using 11 government requisition forms
High-Test Fishing Line Item 5 20 turns Item Loss None Obtained from high-test fishing line (2500 meat)
Like a Fish to Walter Item (food) 5 40 turns Item Loss, 1 Fullness Level 4 Obtained from Swedish massage fish
lucky rabbitfish fin Accessory 5 While Equipped None
Pantogram pants Pants 5 While Equipped wriggling worm portable pantogram
  • Created by using a portable pantogram
  • Must have a Sacrifice (Middle) of a wriggling worm
  • Other enchantments vary depending on alignment and sacrifices
  • Item disappears at the end of the day
Shallow Sea Fishing Outfit Outfit 5 While Equipped None
  • Outfit pieces rarely obtained while Combing the Beach
  • Gives +20 total when accounting for outfit pieces
sonar fishfinder Off-hand item 5 While Equipped None Obtained from combats in The Wreck of the Edgar Fitzsimmons
spearfish fishing spear Weapon (1H) 5 While Equipped None
Video... Games? Effect 5 5 Adventures   None
Item (food) Item Loss, 1 Full Level 5
waders Pants 5 While Equipped None