Fireman's helmet

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fireman's helmet
fireman's helmet

They say you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have. And who doesn't want to be a fireman?

Hmm. I guess most people, probably.

Type: hat
Power: 150
Muscle Required: 60
Cannot be discarded

Serious Hot Resistance (+3)
All Attributes +10%
+1 FDKOL Commendation per Fire

(In-game plural: fireman's helmets)
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Item number: 5709
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Obtained From

FDKOL Requisitions Tent (500 FDKOL commendations)


  • When equipped, the message at the end of fights changes slightly, as the fireman acknowledges your hat:
Brushfire: "The newly-formed F. D. K. O. L. thanks you for your assistance, Adventurer. And hey, cool hat!" he says, before heading back toward the fires.
A Super-Intense Mega-Grassfire: "Nice work, Adventurer! And that's still a pretty cool hat!" he says, before heading back toward the fires.
Fierce Flying Flames: "Wow! You beat that hellish bat like a... er... like something really fast. And that hat just keeps getting cooler!" he says, before heading back toward the fires.

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