Fire Red Bottle-Rocket

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Fire Red Bottle-Rocket

Fire Red Bottle-Rocket

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 5

Source: Equipping a bottle-rocket crossbow
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Inflicts hot damage
When Used:
You fire a red bottle-rocket at your opponent. It whizzes in circles around him, pelting him with X damage worth of hot, hot sparks.


You fire a bottle-rocket at your opponent, but you miss by a mile. It whizzes off over the horizon, leaving a trail of sparks. Very pretty, but otherwise ineffective.


  • Bottle rockets receive a +9 Moxie bonus when calculating Hit Chance.
  • Damage is based on your level, and is equal to 3*L + 1-5. A level 6 character will do 19 to 23 points of damage, while a level 30 character will do 91 to 95 points of damage. The damage is uncapped.