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Fire! I have made fire! Or, rather, a caveman has made fire, and now you have it. I don't recommend putting it in your pocket, or under your ass, or shouting about it in a crowded theater. It'll probably come in handy for something, though, like blending in at a peasant convention.

(Meat Pasting component)
Type: hat
Power: 10
Cannot be discarded

+10% Combat Initiative
+7 Hot Damage

(In-game plural: gouts of flame)
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Item number: 2117
Description ID: 650755425
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Obtained From

Burning Daughter


Asterisk.gif 2 sticks
Equals.gif fire

Obsolete Recipe

Crimbo Rock-30px.gif 1 stick 1 stick
Equals.gif fire



  • Prior to March 1st, 2012, this item used to give the intrinsic effect Head on Fire, Ass Catching.
  • The multi-use recipe for this was added on July 5, 2019.


  • "I have made fire!" is a reference to the 2000 film, Cast Away.
  • "Shouting about it in a crowded theater" refers to the phrase "shouting fire in a crowded theater", an example often used in debates about where, if anywhere, the limits of free speech should be.
  • "Blending in at a peasant convention" refers to the Homestar Runner game Peasant's Quest, where the player must, in order to more closely resemble a peasant (to get past a guard), set his head on fire. This in turn is a reference to a cartoon about Trogdor, where peasants' heads are afire after their thatch-roofed cottages have been burninated.
  • "Put a fire under my ass" is a common euphemism for an event that leaves someone highly motivated to accomplish a goal.
  • "Never wear fire for a hat" was an expression supposedly seen on a bathroom wall by the character Maxine Gray, in the television series Judging Amy.
  • Putting fire in your pocket may be a reference to the "Lawn Gnomes" short from an episode of Freakazoid!:
Gnome: We stole man's fire, and tried to hide it in our pockets.
Gnome Elder: That was painful and dumb.
  • Putting a fire in your pocket would also quickly lead to it "burning a hole in your pocket", an expression also used for money someone can't resist spending.
  • The effect name "Head on Fire, Ass Catching" is part of a lyric from the song "Uneasy Rider", sung by the Charlie Daniels Band.

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