Finger cymbals

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finger cymbals
finger cymbals

These are like castanets, only they're made of metal instead of wood, so they go ching ching ching instead of clop clop clop. I know we've covered this joke already, but what the heck: they're way easier to play than phallic cymbals.

Type: ranged weapon (1-handed cymbals)
Damage: 7 - 13
Moxie Required: 17
Selling Price: 82 Meat.

Maximum MP +20

(In-game plural: pairs of finger cymbals)
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Item number: 3864
Description ID: 143681765
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Obtained From

Knob Goblin Harem Girl


You do a little bellydance, clanging your cymbals. <He> takes X damage from the sound, or from the sight, or possibly both. BAM! SPLAT! KERBLAM!
You clang your cymbals like a wind-up monkey, doing X cymbalic damage. BONK! SPLAT! BONK!
You clang your cymbals together as hard as you can. Shrill little sound waves do X damage to your opponent. SPLAT! SOCKO! ZAP!


  • Having this item (amongst others - See the sunglasses page) and Elvish sunglasses equipped enables the wielder to use the "Play a Drum Solo" ability once per combat.


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