Filthy corduroys

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filthy corduroys
filthy corduroys

This is a pair of filthy corduroys. It's filthy because it came from the wardrobe of a filthy, filthy hippy.

Type: pants
Power: 60
Moxie Required: 15
Outfit: Filthy Hippy Disguise
  (2 items)

Selling Price: 80 Meat.

Mysticality +3
Moxie -3

(In-game plural: pairs of filthy corduroys)
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Item number: 213
Description ID: 404214724
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Obtained From

The Hippy Camp
crusty hippy
crusty hippy jewelry maker
crusty hippy Vegan chef
dirty hippy
dirty hippy jewelry maker
dirty hippy Vegan chef
filthy hippy
filthy hippy jewelry maker
filthy hippy Vegan chef
Peace Wants Love
An Inconvenient Truth
Hippy Birthday to You
The Hippy Camp (Verge of War)
The Naked Truth
The Road to the White Citadel
business hippy
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
The Mall of Loathing, 28 Days Later
zombie hippy

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