Filthworm royal guard

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Filthworm royal guard
Monster ID 479
Locations The Guards' Chamber
Hit Points 190
Attack 169
Defense 152
No-Hit 179
Initiative 50
Meat 80-120
Phylum bug
Elements stench
Resistance None
Monster Parts head, tail
Quest filthworm royal guard scent gland
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
filthworm royal guard You're fighting a filthworm royal guard

This is one of the filthworm hive's royal guards. They're like most royal guards, with the exception that they don't have fuzzy hats. What they do have, however, is sharp teeth, a foul odor, and a fierce dedication to the protection of the hive.

Hit Message(s):

It bites you with its big, sharp, pointy teeth. Man, this bites. Oof! Eek!

It exudes a thick, green cloud of noxiousness from its scent glands. It's like having a zombie hobo breathe on you. Ugh! Ouch! (stench damage)

It slaps you with its thick, slimy tail. It's like getting whipped with a foul wet blanket. Ow! Argh! Ugh! Argh! (stench damage)

Critical Hit Message:

It smacks you with its thick, slimy tail, knocking you over. Then it leaps up on top of you and bites you furiously with its pointy teeth, all the while exuding noxious vapors. It's a little like that blind date you went on in high school. Ooh! Ugh!

Miss Message(s):

It tries to bite you, but you've been bitten before, and thus are twice shy about being bitten again.

It tries to slap you with its thick, slimy tail, but can't swing it faster than you can dodge.

It exudes a noxious cloud from its scent glands, but since you didn't deal it, you don't smell it.

Fumble Message:

You jump up and down in front of it, make weird faces, and even step on its tail to try and provoke it. It remembers its royal guard training, however, and doesn't so much as blink. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Meat.gifYou gain 80-120 Meat (average: 100, stdev: 8.56)*
Scentgland.gifYou acquire an item: filthworm royal guard scent gland (10% chance)*
You gain 42-43 <substat>.

Occurs at The Guards' Chamber


  • This monster cannot be copied.


  • The fumble message refers to the guards at Buckingham Palace, who do not respond at all to provocation.
  • The 'fuzzy hat' is also a part of the royal guard uniform at Buckingham Palace.
  • "Whoever smelt it, dealt it" is a popular comeback used by adolescents (or immature adults) who have been accused of producing odorous flatulence.
  • One miss message refers to the song "Once bitten, twice shy" by the band Great White
  • The section of the description 'a fierce dedication to the protection of the hive' is a reference to the Monty Python 'Spanish Inquisition' sketch.