Figurine of an ancient seal

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figurine of an ancient seal
figurine of an ancient seal

This is a little clay figurine of a balding, wrinkled, mean-looking old seal. The look in his eyes says "Hey, you kids! Off my ice floe!"

Type: usable
Level required: 6
Selling Price: 45 Meat.
Cannot be traded

Only Seal Clubbers may use this item.

(In-game plural: figurines of ancient seals)
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Item number: 3905
Description ID: 956027175
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Obtained From

The Hermitage

When Used

  • If you've already summoned the maximum number of seals today:
You've summoned too many Infernal seals today. Any more and you're afraid the corruption will be too much for you to bear. Had you been summoning Infernal bears, the corruption would be too much for you to seal.
In order to perform this summoning ritual, you need 3 seal-blubber candles. You can pick them up at the store in the Brotherhood of the Smackdown.
You place the figurine at your feet, and position 3 seal-blubber candles on the ground around it. Cold and shadow gather around you, and time seems to slow to a crawl. Echoes of your Northern ancestry rise up from the depths of your consciousness, whispering words in the forgotten tongue of your forefathers.

You feel your clubbing muscles begin to twitch with anticipation...

Begin the Ritual
hermetic seal This monster is a Demon -- (edit metadata)
  • Item Drops: powdered sealbone
  • Meat Drop: None
  • Monster Level: 110 • Substat Gain: 27.5 • Moxie for No Hit*: 120
  • Monster Defense: 180
  • Hit Points: 150
  • Initiative: 0
  • Elemental Alignment: None
  • Damage Resistance: All damage not caused by a club is reduced to 1.


  • Doesn't cost an adventure to use, can be used while falling-down drunk.

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