Fiddling with a Puzzle

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This puzzle is over 11 years old, people. What if this gave a cool item that we never found before? Do it!

Fiddling with a Puzzle
Fiddling with a Puzzle

You turn the box over in your hands, carefully feeling for resistance in the movement of the faces in order to probe its hidden mechanisms. It looks like you could:

Push the right face.
Turn the rear face clockwise.
Turn the left face counterclockwise.
Turn the rear face counterclockwise.
Push the bottom face.
Turn the top face clockwise.
Stop messing with this dang puzzle.

When a face is manipulated:

You <action> and the box clearly says "<number>" in a strange electronic voice.
You <action> and hear a quiet 'click'.
You <action> and the box makes a loud 'beep'.
You <action> and box makes a harsh buzzing noise.

When you stop messing with the dang puzzle:

You stop messing with the dang puzzle.

Occurs when an intriguing puzzle box is used.


  • Will always have six different action buttons, each to push a face, turn a face clockwise, or turn a face counterclockwise. The action buttons are changed with most clicks.