Fettucini Inconnu

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fettucini Inconnu
fettucini Inconnu

This is a cheesy pasta dish of great mystery. Its origins? Lost in the mists of time. Its effects? Unknown. Its aroma? Delightful.

(Cooking ingredient)
Type: food (awesome)
Size: 5
Level required: 8
Selling Price: 61 Meat.

(In-game plural: bowls of fettucini Inconnu)
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Item number: 583
Description ID: 517296500
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Obtained From

The Barracks
scroll of pasta summoning (0-1)
Chez Snootée (sometimes) (183 Meat)


Lovepotion.gif goat cheese scrumptious reagent  
Bowl.gif fancy schmancy cheese sauce dry noodles
Equals.gif fettucini Inconnu

When Consumed

You eat the Fettucini Inconnu, and immediately forget what you just ate.
AdventuresYou gain 17-20 Adventures. (avg. 18.5)
You gain 25-30 Mysteriousness.
(You gain 5 Fullness.)



  • Can be obtained from using a scroll of pasta summoning.
  • Jick often jokes that you need to eat 227 bowls of Fettucini Inconnu to get a trophy.
  • Named for Inconnu (#37), legendary founder of the Kingdom's very first clan, The Cool Guy Crew.
  • Note that "Inconnu" is French for "unknown", which explains the description and consumption messages.


  • On July 14th, 2015, an update reduced the fullness from 6, the adventure gain range from 22-27, and removed the 47-52 moxie substat gain and added the mysticality substat gain. It also changed its zap group.
  • On Jan 9th, 2011, the adventure range was tightened from 21-29.


  • Most likely a reference to the famous Italian pasta dish Fettucini Alfredo.


Slash.gif fettucini Inconnu | linguini immondizia bianco | shells a la shellfish


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