Fernswarthy's letter

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Fernswarthy's letter
Fernswarthy's letter

This is an old, crumpled, yellowing piece of paper you found in Fernswarthy’s grave.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: Fernswarthy's letters)
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Item number: 2278
Description ID: 624235254
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Obtained From

The Misspelled Cemetary (Pre-Cyrpt or Post-Cyrpt)
A Grave Situation (one-time drop)

When Used

The letter reads:

Dear hooligans,

I knew you little bastards wouldn't be able to resist digging up my corpse after I've died, so I've prepared a little surprise for you! Well, assuming you'd be surprised by demons pouring through a gate from Hey Deze and ripping out your stinking innards. Most people would be. Once, I sent demons after this little whippersnapper who kept coming up to my front window and making faces at me -- he had to carry his face around in a paper bag after that! "Johnny Bag-Face", they used to call him. I hear tell he got a job in chartered accountancy after school, you can make good money doing that if you've got a head for figures. Anyway, glad to hear you're enjoying your vacation in the Distant Lands. Bring me a mango when you come back. Maybe we'll go dancing and I'll show you how I won the trophy for my Lindy Shuffle back in '36!

Love, Ferny