Feet of Grapefruit

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Feet of Grapefruit

Feet of Grapefruit

Your feet are flavored like the puzzling grapefruit. Isn't the "fruit" part kind of redundant? But then, it's not actually a grape, so the "fruit" must be an important modifier. In this case, does "fruit" mean "but bigger, and more sour, with a rind on it?" Ponder that for a bit. And please don't lick your feet, we don't care how limber you are.

+3 Mysticality Stats Per Fight

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Effect number: 494
Description ID: 55f1e24b47a0245cefb1567f9b0d0dc7
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  • At the end of combat:
You catch a whiff of your feet, and man, they smell great!

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