Feeding your ChibiBuddy™

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Feeding your ChibiBuddy™
Fitness: Chibimeter5a.gif
Intelligence: Chibimeter5b.gif
Socialization: Chibimeter5c.gif
Alignment: Chibimeter5d.gif
Make <name> an Espresso (1)
Give <name> some Pork Rinds (1)
Give <name> some Craft Beer
Give <name> some Donuts
Throw a Fondue Party
Do something else with your ChibiBuddy™


Option 1

Give <name> a Salad (1)

You give <name> a salad with slices of beet, fresh pear, and a nice mead vinaigrette. He gobbles it up and flexes his adorable pixelated muscles.

Give <name> a Shot of Wheat Grass Juice (1)

You hand over a shot of the greenish sludge. <name> only manages to drink about half of it.

Give <name> Some ChibiQuiche™ (1)

You give <name> the quiche. He eats it, then does a few half-hearted push-ups and sit-ups to retain his ChibiMasculinity™

Make <name> a Smoothie (1)

You make <name> a smoothie with blackberry, pumpkin, and a spoonful of poplar bark. He drinks the whole thing, smiling at how good he feels.

Make <name> an Espresso (1)

You make <name> a double-shot of thick black espresso. He drinks it in one gulp, then spends the next couple of hours bouncing off the ChibiWalls™.

Option 2

Give <name> a Slushie (1)

You give <name> a giant frozen drink. What flavor? Why, viridian, of course. He slurps it down too fast and gets a brain freeze.

Give <name> an Energy Drink (1)

You pour <name> a virtual mug full of Red Minotaur. He downs it, and it's so exTREME that he bursts a blood vessel in his ChibiBrain™

Give <name> some Pork Rinds (1)

You give <name> a bag of pork rinds. He eats them while watching some "sport" where a bunch of cars race around a circular track over and over and over again, yelling "YEEHA!" at random intervals.

Make <name> some Smoked Bacon (1)

You give <name> some delicious smoked bacon. He eats all of it, then looks at you, dazed and confused. Maybe you shouldn't have burned that wood with the lead paint on it to get the smoke.

Mix <name> a ChibiDrink™ (1)

You make your Chibibuddy the classic "Mick Belt Buckle," a cocktail made with stout, gin and huckleberry juice. He takes a big swig of it and falls over, hitting his head quite hard on the floor.

Option 3

Give <name> a Wine Flight

You set out different types of wine for <name> to try. Before long, he's so well-versed in winelore that he can discern the difference between subtle notes of oak and discreet acorn tones. Too bad he won't shut up about it--nobody likes a snob.

Make Some Crème Brûlée

You give <name> a cookbook and all the ingredients to make a crème brûlée. He carefully studies how to make it, and caramelizes the top to perfection. He calls over some friends to eat it with him, but gets drunk and ends up singing one of their ChibiBeards™ with the crème brûlée torch.

Make some Hot Wings

You give <name> an assortment of peppers to make wing sauce. He researches each pepper to find which one is the hottest, then makes a sauce so hot that it even gives <first name> "<hot nickname>" <surname> some gastrointestinal distress. All of his ChibiFriends™ resolve to not come to anymore wing-tasting parties at <name>'s house.

Give <name> some Sushi

You make <name> a plate full of all different kinds of sushi, like <fruit> <vegetable> <meat> rolls. He gobbles it all up claiming it's "brain food," then alienates his ChibiBuddies™ by explaining at length the difference between sushi and sashimi.

Give <name> some Craft Beer

You set out a selection of microbrews for <name> to try. He really gets into learning about all the different kinds of malt and hops. Then he makes fun of some of the ChibiDudes™ for drinking what he calls "mass-produced rice water," which doesn't win him any friends.

Option 4

Give Chibibuddy some ChibiCandy

You give <name> a big bag of delicious <fruit>-flavored ChibiCandy™. He goes to a puppet theater to share it with a group of needy orphans. Sadly, he also has to watch the puppet show, which is pretty excruciatingly dumb.

Make a Sandwich

You make <name> a <meat> and <vegetable> sandwich with <condiment> to spice it up. He eats half, then shares the other half with a ChibiHobo™. Then he sits and listens to the ChibiHobo™'s life story, which is mostly about farting and getting hit in the crotch.

Give <name> some Donuts

You give <name> some donuts--or DOUGHNUTS, as it should be spelled--and he tries to share them with the local ChibiCops™. Unfortunately, one of the policemen think <name> is trying to make fun of them, and hits him on the head with his baton.

Give <name> some Tofurkey

<name> doesn't eat much of the Tofurkey, but he does share it with his <relative> and a needy <animal> from the nearby shelter. He does sound a little dumb saying "Tofurkey," though. It's just one of those words that should not be.

Make some ChibiRamen

You make <name> some cheap ramen noodles. The MSG and salt burn out his tongue and kill a few brain cells, and the taste makes him resolve to better himself so he never has to eat it again.

Option 5

Give <name> some Pizza Rolls

You make <name> a plate of hot pizza rolls (the kind stuffed with <food>). He calls up some other ChibiBuddies™ to help eat them, and to warp their minds with a few rounds of Death Match in <video game>.

Make some Ribs

You make <name> a huge rack of ribs. He throws a tailgate party with them, and spends the evening tossing back brews and making dirty jokes with his ChibiBros™.

Throw a Fondue Party

Your ChibiBuddy™ makes a few pots of fondue and has a rockin' fondue party. Fortunately, none of the guests catch him stealing hunks of <meat> off of their fondue forks. Sneaky!

Have a Fish Fry

Just for the halibut, <name> fries up a bunch of fish and chips and invites all his friends over to eat. He does have to lie to his ChibiHippy™ friend and tell him that the cod was free-range and organic when it was really factory-farmed, though.

Make a PB&J

You give <name> a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He takes it to work and trades it to his ChibiCo-Worker for his <meat> sandwich. They have a good laugh together about how lame you are at packing lunches, which doesn't seem very nice.


  • Choosing the first option increases your Chibibuddy™'s Fitness.
  • Choosing the second option decreases your Chibibuddy™'s Intelligence.
  • Choosing the third option increases your Chibibuddy™'s Intelligence, but decreases his Socialization.
  • Choosing the fourth option increases your Chibibuddy™'s Alignment, but decreases his Intelligence.
  • Choosing the fifth option increases your Chibibuddy™'s Socialization, but decreases his Alignment.