Fat bottom quark

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fat bottom quark
fat bottom quark

Few people outside the field of theoretical physics know this, but all stench is caused, on a subatomic level, by bottom quarks. They're normally too small to see, but this one, having been fed backwards through the Small-o-Fier, is large enough to see with the naked eye, by red firelight.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 66 Meat.

Deals 25-40 Stench Damage

(In-game plural: fat bottom quarks)
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Item number: 4582
Description ID: 480226250
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Obtained From

Professor Jacking's Small-O-Fier
funk particle

When Used

You throw the quark at the ground in front of your opponent, releasing a potent stench whose origins are not at all uncertain. It deals 25-40 damage.



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