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This is your guide to unlocking the mysteries of FantasyRealm, by LyleCo, a monorail destination available after using a FantasyRealm membership packet.

General structure

Accessing the Welcome Center will grant a FantasyRealm G. E. M., an accessory that limits your base stats to 100 and must be worn while adventuring in the Realm. You have five hours per day to explore the Realm, and one hour is expended each time you choose something in a Realm choice adventure.

Adventuring zones always contain 5 combats followed by one choice adventure. Initially, only The Bandit Crossroads are accessible, and it leads to a choice of five zones. The choice adventures in these zones lead to rewards or further zones. Boss zones contain only a single noncombat that leads to combat with a boss if you pass certain tests. Boss zones do not consume an hour.

With the exception of the Bandit Crossroads, every zone closes for the day after you select from its choice adventure. Therefore, you can not enter one of the five primary branches more than once per day.

Your progress through the Realm is reset each day at rollover and on ascension -- with the exception of permanent map unlocks purchased from the Rubee™ Store.

Rubee™ store and unlocks

Rubees™ are the currency of FantasyRealm and are spent at the FantasyRealm Premium Rubee™ Store, accessible from a link in the character pane while wearing a G. E. M..

The store offers maps that permanently unlock five primary zones at the start of the day, allowing you to bypass the Bandit Crossroads. Because of the adventuring limits, these shortcuts are required to access some rewards and boss fights.

Also for sale are the FantasyRealm key, LyleCo premium pickaxe, and LyleCo premium rope which unlock options in some choice adventures. The pickaxe and rope are not consumed when used, though keys (usually) are.

The store offers a one-day pass, the LyleCo Contractor's Manual (granting the skill Expert Corner-Cutter, which allows crafting without using an Adventure 5 times per day), and a FantasyRealm tattoo kit.

Maximizing Rubee™ drops

Crossroads bandits and FantasyRealm monsters from the five subsequent zones have a base Rubee drop of 1. Monsters from tier 2 zones (one level deeper) have a base Rubee drop of 2.

  • Equipping a LyleCo premium magnifying glass and LyleCo premium monocle each give +1 Rubee per fight.
  • Consulting the fortune teller in the Cursed Village grants 20 adventures of Fortunate, Son which gives 2-3 additional Rubees per fight.
  • Effects that give 1 additional Rubee per fight also come from three crafted consumables. Eating denastified haunch grants 30 adventures of Faerie Fortune, drinking bad rum and good cola grants 30 adventures of Fanatical Fortune, while a Potion of Heroism gives 10 adventures of Heroic Fortune. These items are made from ingredients that disappear at the end of the day, although the finished products do not disappear and can be traded.
  • Note that the monsters can be copied, which can help when using up leftover turns of these effects.
  • Extra monsters can also be fought in zones you have access to that have monsters to defeat where you don't intend to make use of the noncombat. Just make sure to either stop before the noncombat triggers, or choose the last option when the noncombat does trigger. The last option always exits the noncombat without costing an adventure or FantasyRealm hour (except in The Putrid Swamp, where the last option costs an adventure but not an hour and lets you revisit the noncombat to pick a different option).

Easy Rubee™ acquisition

A good Rubee-farming trajectory to start with is as follows:

  • Kill five bandits in the Bandit Crossroads, unlock the Cursed Village
  • Kill five villagers in the Cursed Village, acquire Fortunate, Son
  • Kill five bandits in the Bandit Crossroads, unlock the Towering Mountains
  • Kill five more bandits in the Bandit Crossroads. Do not unlock anything in the noncombat (choose "Leave for now" if the noncombat triggers, or just count out 5 combats and then stop).
  • Kill five ourks in the Towering Mountains, unlock the Foreboding Cave
  • Kill five bats in the Foreboding Cave, make sure you are in possession of a FantasyRealm key, unlock the chest

In order to get more monsters in with Fortunate, Son (which is a little wonky and actually grants 19 turns of the effect at the Village noncombat), be sure to spend any remaining adventures of the buff at The Bandit Crossroads before opening the chest in the Cave. To make maximum use of the buff, either use three free kills (the replica bat-oomerang slots in very handily for the job) or some sort of buff extension. If you have access to any copiers, you can use those to fight further copies of Rubee™-granting monsters. As you expand your map portfolio, you can start weaving extra zones into this basic plan in place of the Crossroads noncombats.

Costing 150 rubees and giving +1 rubee per kill, the LyleCo premium magnifying glass and LyleCo premium monocle each take five runs to pay for themselves. This is more efficient than any map on its own, so it may be a good idea to buy them first.

Beware: if you use copies to fight monsters from a zone that you haven't done the NC in yet, the zone may close prematurely, if currently open, or not actually appear when you unlock it and you won't be able to fight the monsters there or do the NC until it's reopened.

Speaking of the map portfolio, a pretty natural Rubee™-maximising trajectory presents itself when looked at the noncombat tree. Once you have access to both the Cursed Village and the Towering Mountains, the two hours you save at the Crossroads (that you previously used to unlock the Village and the Mountains) can be used to make your way to the Sprawling Cemetery and rob some graves for ~50 Rubees™. That does require the pickaxe, so that should be your next pick-up after the two maps if you wish to maximise your Rubee™ influx, that is, after you obtain the pickaxe, you should:

  • Kill five villagers in the Cursed Village and acquire Fortunate, Son;
  • Kill five ourks in the Towering Mountains and unlock the Foreboding Cave;
  • Kill five rubber bats in the Foreboding Cave and use the FantasyRealm key to unlock the chest;
  • Kill five bandits in the Bandit Crossroads and unlock the Sprawling Cemetery;
  • Kill five more bandits in the Bandit Crossroads. Do not unlock anything in the noncombat (choose "Leave for now" if the noncombat triggers, or just count out 5 combats and then stop).
  • Kill five ghosts in the Sprawling Cemetery and rob some graves with the FantasyRealm pickaxe.

After you get enough Rubees™, you should buy the Putrid Swamp and the Mystic Wood maps first, then the FantasyRealm rope, and finally the map for the Sprawling Cemetery as you'll be able to fight another five bandits in the Bandit Crossroads after you unlocked the Sprawling Cemetery through the Bandit Crossroads. This path will net you about 250 Rubees™ per day for 35 adventures, sometimes even more if you are lucky.

Location chart

The Bandit Crossroads is the only zone that is always open. Notably, the fifth fantasy bandit per day drops a fat loot token. The Crossroads choice adventure leads to five primary branches: The Towering Mountains, The Mystic Wood, The Putrid Swamp, Cursed Village, and The Sprawling Cemetery.

Color coding
Rubee rewards
Crafting items that disappear at the end of the day
Items and effects that unlock options elsewhere. Items disappear at the end of the day.
The Towering Mountains
Choice Result Secondary zone choices Result
Unlock the mine (requires FantasyRealm key) Zone: The Old Rubee Mine Raid the Rubee cart 20-30 Rubees
Mine the ore (requires pickaxe) Acquire: dragon aluminum ore
Look through the mining equipment Acquire: grolblin rum
Head into the deep cave Zone: The Foreboding Cave Open the chest (requires FantasyRealm key) 90-110 Rubees
Head toward the volcano (requires Mage's Hat) Boss zone: The Lair of the Phoenix
Search the rubble Acquire: sachet of strange powder
  • Size 1 spleen item
  • Gives 40 Adventures of Powder Power (+5 prismatic damage)
Head to the Ogre Chieftain's Keep (requires Warrior's Helm) Boss zone: Ogre Chieftain's Keep
Head to the Master Thief's Chalet (requires Rogue's Mask) Boss zone: The Master Thief's Chalet
Hold aloft your orb (requires unequipped druidic orb) Acquire: charged druidic orb
The Mystic Wood
Choice Result Secondary zone choices Result
Head toward the... sigh... faerie cyrkle Zone: The Faerie Cyrkle Get a faerie blessing Gain effect Fantasy Faerie Blessing (100 Adventures)
Take some faerie dust with you Acquire: Faerie dust
Go to the Spider Queen's Lair (requires Rogue's Mask) Boss zone: The Spider Queen's Lair
Get a mushroom Acquire: plump purple mushroom
Go to the campsite (requires a rope) Zone: The Druidic Campsite Take s'mores Acquire: druidic s'more
  • Size 2 good food
Make a poisoned s'more (requires tainted marshmallow) Acquire: poisoned druidic s'more
Look under the fire (requires Mage's Hat) Acquire: druidic orb
Head toward the anomaly (requires Cheswick Copperbottom's compass) Boss zone: The Ley Nexus
  • Requires 500 buffed myst
The Putrid Swamp
Choice Result Secondary zone choices Result
Go towards the witch's house Zone: Near the Witch's House Get a brew Gain effect Brewed Up (50 Adventures)
  • +200% Combat Initiative
Get a special brew (requires plump purple mushroom) Gain effect Poison For Blood (10 Adventures)
Get a to-go brew Acquire: To-go brew
Look under the witches mattress 40-60 Rubees
Unlock the Troll Fortress (requires FantasyRealm key) Zone: The Troll Fortress Ring the bell Nothing?
Take the haunch Acquire: nasty haunch
Look for signs of Cheswick (requires Chewsick Copperbottom's notes) Acquire: Cheswick Copperbottom's compass
Pry the giant Rubee from the statue (requires a pickaxe) 40-60 Rubees
Head toward the Dragon's Moor (requires Warrior's Helm) Boss zone: The Dragon's Moor
Pick the nasty marshmallow Acquire: tainted marshmallow
Cursed Village
Choice Result Secondary zone choices Result
Head to the cathedral Zone: The Evil Cathedral Pray for wealth 20-30 Rubees
Pray for health Gain effect Fantastical Health (100 Adventures)
  • +200% Maximum HP
Pray for refreshment Acquire: sanctified cola
Take some holy water (requires Mage's Hat) Acquire: flask of holy water
Head to the Archwizard's tower (requires Mage's Hat) Boss zone: The Archwizard's Tower
Head to the thieves guild (requires Rogue's Mask) Zone: The Cursed Village Thieves' Guild Take your share of the haul 40-60 Rubees
Check out the cabinet Acquire: universal antivenin
Visit the fortune teller Gain effect Fortunate, Son (20 Adventures)
  • FantasyRealm enemies drop 2-3 additional Rubees
Dive into the wishing well (requires a rope) 40-60 Rubees
Visit the notary's office (requires arrest warrant) Acquire: notarized arrest warrant
Visit the blacksmith (requires dragon aluminum ore) Acquire: dragon slaying sword
The Sprawling Cemetery
Choice Result Secondary zone choices Result
Plunge into the Labyrinthine Crypt Zone: The Labyrinthine Crypt Grab a skull Acquire: hero's skull
Break open an urn 40-60 Rubees
Grab the document (requires Rogue's Mask) Acquire: arrest warrant
Head towards the Barrow Mounds Zone: The Barrow Mounds Rob a mound 20-30 Rubees
Scavenge above ground Acquire: mourning wine
  • Size 2 good booze
Dig through to the ghoul king's catacombs (requires Warrior's Helm) Boss zone: The Ghoul King's Catacomb
Rob some graves (requires pickaxe) 40-60 Rubees
Examine the curious tombstone (requires Mage's Hat) Acquire: Chewsick Copperbottom's notes
Set out for the Vampire Chateau (requires Rogue's Mask) Boss zone: Duke Vampire's Chateau



Each boss requires you to pass a stat test and have a quest item or effect found elsewhere in FantasyRealm. Because these quest items disappear at the end of the day, you generally need to have unlocked map shortcuts to reach a boss fight before running out of hours. The exceptions are bosses that require an effect, because effects persist through rollover. However, this is difficult for any boss except the Ghoul King due to effect durations, and there's really no reason to prioritize fighting bosses over obtaining maps.

While the noncombats in boss zones do not consume an hour, you cannot enter a boss zone after expending all 5 of your daily hours. Boss zones normally require 4 hours to unlock, so you should fight the boss while you still have one hour remaining.

If you lose a boss fight, you won't be able to try again that day.

  1. Go to the Wood, then Campsite (requires rope). Look under the fire (requires Mage's Hat) to get druidic orb.
  2. Go to the Mountains, hold the orb aloft to get charged druidic orb (note that this option is not available if the orb is actually equipped).
  3. Go to the Village, approach the tower (requires Mage's hat).
  4. Enter The Archwizard's Tower with Superhuman (5) Cold Resistance and the charged druidic orb equipped.
Duke Vampire
  1. Go to Wood. Pick a plump purple mushroom.
  2. Go to Swamp, then Witch's House. Get a special brew to obtain Poison For Blood (10 Adventures)
  3. Go to Cemetery, set out for the Vampire Chateau (requires Rogue's Mask)
  4. Enter Duke Vampire's Chateau with +250% Combat Initiative and Poison For Blood effect
Ghoul King
  1. Go to Wood, then Faerie Cyrkle. Get Fantasy Faerie Blessing (100 Adventures)
  2. Go to Cemetery, then Barrow Mounds. Dig to the Catacombs (requires Warrior's Helm)
  3. Enter The Ghoul King's Catacomb with Superhuman (5) Spooky resistance and Fantasy Faerie Blessing effect
  • Immune to stuns and staggers, and physical damage is capped at 50. Elemental damage and defense boosts are recommended.
Ley Incursion
  1. Go to Cemetery. Examine the tombstone to acquire Chewsick Copperbottom's notes (requires Mage's Hat).
  2. Go to Swamp, then Fortress (requires key). Look for signs of Cheswick to acquire Cheswick Copperbottom's compass.
  3. Go to Wood, and head toward the anomaly.
  4. Enter The Ley Nexus with 500 (buffed) Mysticality.
  • Drains MP to deal damage, and immune to spells and physical damage. Elemental damage from combat items works, as does elemental Bonus Weapon Damage (for example, by the effect In a Lather).
Ted Schwartz, Master Thief
  1. Go to Cemetery, then Crypt. Grab the document to acquire arrest warrant (requires Rogue's Mask).
  2. Go to Village, and visit the Notary's office to acquire notarized arrest warrant.
  3. Go to Mountains, and head to the Master Chief's Chalet (requires Rogue's Mask).
  4. Enter The Master Thief's Chalet with Superhuman (5) Sleaze resistance and notarized arrest warrant.
Ogre Chieftain
  1. Go to Swamp. Pick a nasty marshmallow.
  2. Go to Wood, then Druidic Campsite (requires rope). Make a poisoned s'more.
  3. Go to Mountains, and head to the Keep (requires Warrior's Helm).
  4. Enter the Ogre Chieftain's Keep with 500 (buffed) Muscle.
  1. Go to Village, then Cathedral. Take some holy water (requires Mage's Hat).
  2. Go to Mountains, then Cave. Head toward the Volcano (requires Mage's Hat).
  3. Enter The Lair of the Phoenix with Superhuman (5) Hot resistance and flask of holy water.
Sewage Treatment Dragon
  1. Go to Mountains, then Mine (requires FantasyRealm key). Mine the dragon aluminum ore (requires pickaxe)
  2. Go to Village. Visit the blacksmith to obtain dragon slaying sword
  3. Go to Swamp and head toward the Moor (requires Warrior's Helm)
  4. Enter The Dragon's Moor with Superhuman (5) Stench resistance and dragon slaying sword equipped.
Spider Queen
  1. Go to Village, then Thieves Guild (requires Rogue's Mask). Check the cabinet to obtain universal antivenin
  2. Go to Wood, then Faerie Cyrkle. Go to the Spider Queen's Lair (requires Rogue's Mask)
  3. Enter The Spider Queen's Lair with 500 buffed Moxie and Fantastic Immunity effect from universal antivenin
Skeleton Lord
  1. Visit each of the Mountains, Wood, Swamp, Village, and Cemetery with one of the FantasyRealm outfits equipped. Each noncombat will have a new option to press the big red button; do that at each.


Boss Preparation Strategy
Archwizard You may need:
  • Equip the charged Druidic orb;
  • Obtain Superhuman Cold Resistance (5) or higher to enter The Archwizard's Tower;
  • With these buffed stats, it should be possible to one-hit the Archwizard.
Ghoul King You may need:
  • Head to the Faerie Cyrkle and obtain the effect, Fantasy Faerie Blessing;
  • Obtain Superhuman Spooky Resistance (5) or higher to enter the Ghoul King's Catacomb;
  • At the start of the battle, funksling a New Age healing crystal and an exploding hacky-sack;
  • Repeat this multiple times until the Ghoul King is defeated;

or, alternatively,

  • Cast Cannelloni Cannon and make sure it can deal up to 250 damage per casting;
  • Use a New Age healing crystal when the Ghoul King attacks;
  • If he hits you again the next turn, use another New Age healing crystal. Otherwise, cast Cannelloni Cannon again;
  • Alternate between healing when getting hit and casting when not until the Ghoul King dies.
Ley Incursion You may need:
  • With Mysticality buffed to at least 500, a single love song should defeat The Ley Incursion.
Sewage Treatment Dragon You may need:
  • Obtain the Dragon Slaying Sword at the Village through the Dragon Aluminium Ore at the Old Rubee Mine;
  • Obtain Superhuman Stench Resistance (5) or higher to enter the Dragon's Moor;
  • At the start of combat, funksling a New Age healing crystal and a New Age hurting crystal;
  • The dragon should be defeated in 1 round. If not, continue to funksling both items until it dies.
Ogre Chieftain You may need:
  • 4 New Age healing crystals;
  • 4 New Age hurting crystals;
  • The skill Ambidextrous Funkslinging;
  • At least 500 Muscle (buffed).
    • An easy method is to use:
  • Obtain the poisoned s'more as described above;
  • Get to 500 Buffed Muscle;
  • At the start of combat, funksling New Age healing crystals and New Age hurting crystals until it dies.
Duke Vampire You may need:
  • Obtain the Poison for Blood effect at the Witch's Hut as stated above;
  • Use the 4 trivial avocation cards back to back for +100% to all stats, which will negate the -90% stats from Poison for Blood;
  • Have at least +250% Combat Initiative and Poison for Blood to fight the boss;
  • Funksling a New Age healing crystal and a New Age hurting crystal every round during combat until it dies.

Items and rewards

Crafted consumables
  • Potion of Heroism
    • Go to Sprawling Cemetery, then plunge into the Labyrinthine Crypt.
    • Go to The Labyrinthine Crypt, then grab a skull.
    • Go to Putrid Swamp, then go towards the witch's house.
    • Go to Near the Witch's House, then take a to-go brew.
    • Meatpaste the hero's skull and to-go brew.
Skeleton Lord drops
A Monorail Station
Lyle's Office