FantasyRealm Premium Rubee™ Store

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You can spend Rubees while wearing your FantasyRealm G. E. M. by clicking the "Spend Rubees™" link below your familiar in your character pane.

Fr gem adv.gif
You consult the screen of your G. E. M. and see what goodies LyleCo has to offer.

Items Sold

Item: Price:
Simplekey.gif FantasyRealm key Megagem.gif 10
Tankard.gif FantasyRealm mead Megagem.gif 100
Bigturkeyleg.gif FantasyRealm turkey leg Megagem.gif 100
Magnify.gif LyleCo premium magnifying glass Megagem.gif 150
Monocle2.gif LyleCo premium monocle Megagem.gif 150
Pickaxe.gif LyleCo premium pickaxe Megagem.gif 300
Ropecoil.gif LyleCo premium rope Megagem.gif 300
Fr pass.gif FantasyRealm guest pass Megagem.gif 350
Map.gif map to the Cursed Village Megagem.gif 500
Map.gif map to the Mystic Wood Megagem.gif 500
Map.gif map to the Putrid Swamp Megagem.gif 500
Map.gif map to the Sprawling Cemetery Megagem.gif 500
Map.gif map to the Towering Mountains Megagem.gif 500
Book4.gif LyleCo Contractor's Manual Megagem.gif 3,000
Fr tatkit.gif FantasyRealm tattoo kit Megagem.gif 10,000

You have:

Megagem.gif x Rubees™


  • Maps and LyleCo premium items are removed from the store on purchase. Premium items return to the store on ascension.
  • You can't buy multiple maps or premium items at the same time.
  • You can't access the store while not wearing the G. E. M. Trying gives the message:
You can't hit a button on a wristwatch you're not wearing. That's like the first koan you learn in Zen school.