Fancy tin beer can

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fancy tin beer can
fancy tin beer can

This beer can doesn't hold any truck with modern weak aluminum. The fact that it's made of sturdy old-fashioned tin means it could literally hold a truck off of the ground, though.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 30 Meat.

(In-game plural: fancy tin beer cans)
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Item number: 6766
Description ID: 916795901
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Obtained From

can of Brütalbräu
can of Drooling Monk
can of Impetuous Scofflaw

When Used

  • From inventory (single use):
Tincup1.gifYou acquire an item: tin cup
  • Using 2:
You tear apart some of the cans and fashion the world's most dangerous pair of scissors. The only way they'd be worse is if you ran with them. Hey, hey, wait, where are you going?
Tinsnips.gifYou acquire an item: tin snips
  • Using 4:
You make an extremely flimsy, extremely cheap car. A floppy jalopy, as it were.
Tinlizzie.gifYou acquire an item: tin lizzie
  • Using 8:
Tintam.gifYou acquire an item: tin tam
  • Using 11:
Tinfoil.gifYou acquire an item: tin foil
  • Using 16:
Tindrum.gifYou acquire an item: tin drum
  • Using 32:
You make a roof out of the huge pile of tin cans. It takes so long that it gets all rusty before you're even finish.
Tinroof.gifYou acquire an item: tin roof (rusted)
  • Otherwise:
You mess around with the cans, but you can't figure out how to tinker together anything interesting out of X of them.


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