Fancy oil painting

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If you have multiple fancy oil paintings in your inventory, all are consumed but only 10 planks & fasteners are granted.

fancy oil painting
fancy oil painting

It's not much of a painting, to be honest. Probably done by some nobleman's son who painted as a hobby instead of as a job. However, the board it was painted on is a slab of extremely durable and waterproof teak, which you might be able to put to better use than the artist did.

Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

Useful for Bridge-Building

(In-game plural: fancy oil paintings)
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Obtained From

Paul's Boutique (4 odd silver coins)


  • By clicking on an incomplete bridge in The Orc Chasm with one of these in inventory, the bridge is extended by 10 planks and 10 fasteners with the following message:
You nail your fancy oil painting to the bridge, extending it by a few feet. Take that, art!