Fancy chess set

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fancy chess set
fancy chess set

You assembled this chess set at great expense of either time (or Meat.) Time (or Meat) will tell if this was a wise investment.

Type: usable (once per day)
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: fancy chess sets)
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Item number: 10622
Description ID: 690214457
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Obtained From

using any chess piece with 8 onyxs and alabaster pawns; 2 each of onyx rook, onyx knight, onyx bishop, alabaster rook, alabaster knight, alabaster bishop; and 1 each of onyx queen, onyx king, alabaster queen and alabaster king

When Used

  • Having used it today already:
Your poor heart can't handle more than one high-stakes chess game per day.
  • With less than 10 adventures:
You don't have time for a game of chess right now. (You need to have 10 Adventures to use this item.)
  • Trying to use it on day 1 of your run:
You sit down at the chessboard, but nothing happens. Perhaps your soul is too young to be of interest to your opponent.
  • Otherwise:

You sit down at the chessboard, and the white pieces begin to move of their own accord. You play black.

If you win:

You manage to eke out a victory. You hear a hollow laugh in the distance and feel a dark energy well up inside you.
Yeg blessing.gifYou acquire an effect: Yeg's Glory
(duration: 100 Adventures)

If you lose:

Unfortunately, your unseen opponent defeats you. You hear a hollow laugh in the distance, and find yourself unable to move for several hours.
AdventuresYou lose 10 Adventures.


  • Two chess sets do not allow you to play more than once a day.
  • Grants a tattoo on your fifth loss:
    Yegtat.gif You have unlocked a new tattoo.
  • Is not consumed on use, regardless of outcome.


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