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All familiars listed as Readily or Conditionally Available can be obtained by anyone, even those in hardcore ascensions.

Readily available

These familiars are currently available to everyone, even those in hardcore ascensions, and without the need of any rare items.

Unlimited availability

You can get as many hatchlings of these from the basic zones as you want without ascending.

Unlimited availability (with caveats)

While you can get as many hatchlings of these from the basic zones as you want without ascending, they involve time and/or financial commitments that make doing so a major effort. With the exception of the Putty Buddy, these hatchlings can not be traded.

Obtained from The Sea

These familiars are obtained from The Sea, which may be challenging to some players. These hatchlings are tradable.

Obtained from Clan Basements

Available in limited quantity

Every player can get these familiars, but the number of hatchlings is limited.

Dependent on class or ascension

These familiars are available to everyone, even those in hardcore ascensions, but depend on the player's class or path, and so may require ascension to obtain.

Many of these hatchlings are tradeable items and may be bought in the mall.



  • Snowflake.gif Ninja Snowflake - Requires Pickpocket, a skill normally restricted to moxie classes. Other classes can temporarily gain the ability to pick pockets through various means.

Turtle Taming

Nemesis Quest

Acquired in the course of the Nemesis quest. These are class-specific, and only one is obtained per ascension.

Moon sign

Inside Degrassi Knoll

Little Canadia

The Gnomish Gnomads' Camp

Bad Moon

Special Challenge Paths

Bees Hate You

Zombie Slayer

  • Talkskull.gif Hovering Skull - Can only be gained if player does not already have one in inventory or terrarium.


  • Starbuddy.gif Adorable Space Buddy - Limit of one per ascension, and only if the Mer-kin Temple has not been completed by other means. Requires equipment acquired from twelve previous ascensions. Can be purchased in the mall.
  • Topiskunk.gif Topiary Skunk - Crafted from 15 topiary nugglets; a maximum of eight nugglets can be obtained per ascension. The nugglets are tradable, but the familiar is not.

Limited availability

Available from The Raffle House

Only two of these hatchlings were created per day from November 5, 2008 to February 22, 2016, making the familiars rare and expensive.

Available on past Crimbos

Available from limited-time events

These familiars require one or more items which no longer drop/sell and are only available for purchase in the Mall, but for ever-increasing amounts of Meat due to the fact that as the hatchlings are bought and hatched in-game, fewer and fewer of them remain, increasing in scarcity.

The following were available from limited-time events, but their components can still drop from faxed or summoned monsters:

Available from Twitch events

These familiars are obtained from zones only available during Twitch Livestream World Events.

Produced by Mr. Store items


The Pokéfam Guide to Capturing All of Them creates Tall Grass in your garden, which can produce 51 different hatchlings, all of which can be traded. Of these, 45 familiars are active only in the Pocket Familiars challenge path and do not appear in your terrarium outside the path, except through the "Manage Familiar Names" interface. These path-specific hatchlings can only be found by players currently in the path. See Tall Grass for a list.

There are six normal familiars, sometimes obtained from Tall Grass (in a Pocket Familiars run only.) With the possible exception of Mu, these normal familiars are also obtained (regardless of path) from Very Tall Grass, which is Tall Grass with 8+ days of growth.

Gift items produced by Mr. Store items

The hatchlings for these familiars are gift items. They cannot be sold in the mall, but they can be traded or gift-boxed to another player (or used to be able to be auctioned via kbay), so their availability is limited, even though the number of them in game will always increase.

Mr. Store

These familiars are/were only available for purchase in the Mr. Store for a limited period of time. They are still available in the Mall, but for ever-increasing amounts of Meat due to the fact that these familiars effectively cost money (not Meat) to procure, as well as the fact that, like the "Limited Availability" familiars above, these hatchlings are only available for a limited amount of time, and cannot be unhatched after being used.

The Leprechaun-Volleyball and Leprechaun-Gravy Fairy hybrid familiars were available in the Mr. Store for 2 Mr. Accessories. For the first seven years they were replaced with new, yet identically functioning, versions yearly. From 2012 to 2015, the replacements were also Leprechaun-Volleyball and Leprechaun-Gravy Fairy hybrids, but have added functionality. The Leprechaun-Volleyball drops a spleen item, and the Leprechaun-Gravy Fairy drops a content gateway item. Starting in 2016, one familiar-of-the-year was released annually: a Volleyball-Fairy that drops consumables.