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One of the most difficult things to manage during an ascension is your familiar. This page attempts to make the "what familiar should I use?" decision less intimidating.

Familiar Logic

Before each turn (or at least before each quest), it is helpful to consider what familiar will be the most useful for the task at hand. A logic flowchart like the one below can help with this decision.

This list references many functions exclusive to Mr. Store familiars, but the general idea applies to a non-IotM'd terrarium as well.

  1. Do you need an unusual familiar function? (these generally take priority over other familiar functions)
  2. Are you trying to max out your item drops? (for 30%, 25%, or 20% drop rates)
    • The Fancypants Scarecrow and Mad Hatrack are ideal if you have the sleepy mariachi items (or, in some paths, the frilly skirt on a low-weight Scarecrow)
    • The Steam-Powered Cheerleader is an effective "superfairy", along with the Mutant Fire Ant if the moons are right
    • The Jumpsuited Hound Dog is also a good superfairy, especially if you need +combat (i.e. The F'c'le), but obviously not if you need noncombats too
    • The Slimeling's pickpocketing ability is very effective when looking for equipment and the target monster has no more than two possible equipment drops
    • The Slimeling is also usually the best choice for players without access to the above familiars, as it generates lots of MP while looking for items
  3. Do you need a small amount of +item drops and another function at the same time? (for 40% drop rates or areas with useful incidental drops)
    • The Stomping Boots can provide runaways and paste if the wrong monster turns up
    • The Angry Jung Man is useful in this situation if you don't yet have a jar for Fear Man's Level
    • The Obtuse Angel provides item drops if you are hunting for a monster to copy (especially if that monster has items you need)
    • The Fist Turkey will drop high-quality booze which also provides 25 turns of a useful effect
    • The Slimeling will grant valuable MP
  4. Do you need MP to fuel buffs/combat/etc.?
    • The Slimeling is one of the game's most consistent MP-restoring familiars
    • The various elementally-aligned starfishes (Midget Clownfish, etc.) work well in areas that are weak to them, and they require no fueling
    • The Stocking Mimic and Mini-Hipster, among other familiars, will restore MP and perform other relevant tasks if you can stasis combats
  5. Have you maxed out the following familiar drops/actions, if relevant?
  6. Do you anticipate needing stat gains to avoid power leveling?
  7. Do you not need any of those things?


  • As mentioned, the above list is heavily skewed toward Mr. Store familiars. The Slimeling is a very powerful familiar that can be obtained for a much more modest fee, and is strongly recommended for new players. Ask around in your clan or the /trade chat channel.
  • Remember to maximize your familiar's weight to make it more effective. Don't forget about pet-buffing spray!

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