Familiar Names/History

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.

Prior to an August 4 2014 trivial update, default familiar names were generated according to the following formula, regardless of gender.

Default Familiar Names

Most new familiar names are put together randomly with the help of the following recipe (some exceptions can be found below):

Tterrarium.gif G (r) o bert
n (ald)
T (r) g
Equals.gif generic familiar name

If the rules of this recipe are followed, then the following familiar names can be chosen:

Gobert Grobert Tobert Trobert
Gofflesby Grofflesby Tofflesby Trofflesby
Gon Gron Ton Tron
Gonald Gronald Tonald Tronald
Gog Grog Tog Trog
Gorg Grorg Torg Trorg
Gort Grort Tort Trort
Got Grot Tot Trot