Fairy-worn boots

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fairy-worn boots
fairy-worn boots

You gotta believe me! This is a pair of big heavy boots that was worn by one of the Kingdom's more macho gravy fairies. They look less "skipping through a meadow" and more "stomping around a mosh pit."

Hatches into:
Pair of Stomping Boots

Type: familiar
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: pairs of fairy-worn boots)
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Mr. Store (1 Mr. Accessory)

When Used

You put the fairy-worn boots in your Familiar-Gro™ Terrarium.

They begin to stomp and dance of their own volition. Must be some leftover fairy magic in there.
You decide to name it Grancent.


  • August 2011's item of the month from Mr. Store.
Its in-store description: A familiar that causes your opponents to drop more items after combat, and sometimes stomps them into paste. Delicious, nutritious paste.


  • The name and part of the description text refer to the Black Sabbath song "Fairies Wear Boots".


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fairy-worn boots
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